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Bing Quietly Adds Mobile-Friendly Label to Search Results


Back in November, Google announced they'd be labeling sites as "mobile-friendly" in the search engine results when those sites meet a specific set of criteria. Later, as you're probably aware, Google announced they'd be changing their algorithm to rank sites more highly if they're mobile-friendly. This has many webmasters scrambling to improve their sites' mobile capacity, as the change will begin rolling out in less than a week.

What you may not have noticed, however, is that Bing has been making the same changes at about the same times.

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Does Site Ranking Depend on Page Quantity?

site ranking

If you want your site to rank higher, you should strive to add as many pages to it as you can, right? Not so fast, according to a new video from Matt Cutts, chief of search spam at Google. In the video, Cutts explains that certain factors related to overall website size do indeed play into your rankings, but that size itself isn't really an issue.

If you have established your website and are wondering what to do next in order to boost your overall site ranking, taking the time to view Matt Cutts' video could save you from a lot of unnecessary work and misguided effort.

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Disavow Links Tool is More of a Last Resort, Says Google

disavow links

Last week, we discussed the new Disavow Links tool developed and released by Google that allows website owners and developers to dictate which inbound links they would rather not have Google assess when determining their website ranking.

The Google disavow links tool feature is a boon for website owners and developers who were punished by Google's release of Penguin because of something that was theoretically beyond their control. In other words, a site owners inability to control the actual types of websites that are linking to their website.

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