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Majority of "Direct Traffic" Could Actually Come From Organic Search

organic search

According an experiment recently conducted by Chicago company Groupon, much of what websmasters believe to be direct traffic might actually be attributable to organic search. It's well-known that a "direct" visit occurs when a user types a URL or uses a bookmark to access a site, rather than using a search engine.

However, browsers are notoriously bad at reporting direct traffic accurately. Other factors such as a user's operating system, especially if it's an older version of iOS, can also contribute to unclear or inaccurate data.

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Known Retailers Matter for Product Searchers


A new report published by Search Engine Land indicates that search engine users place the highest level of value on whether or not they are familiar with the retailer when deciding whether to click on results for product searches.

In other words, if an individual's online storefront is not associated with a major retail brand, they could be fighting an uphill battle to attract conversions even if they offer greater bargains and additional services. What other factors mattered to search engine users when looking for an online product retailer?

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Does Google Penalize Pages with Too Many Links?


Matt Cutts, head of Google's search spam team, has added yet another video to his series in which he instructs site owners and search engine optimizers on how to stay within Google's quality guidelines and avoid having various pages, or your entire website, penalized in your search engine results.

This time, Cutts tackles the topic of whether it's acceptable to have more than 100 outbound links on a single page. Will Google view this as spam, or have they evolved in their thinking about pages that spider out to tons of other sites?

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Traffic Referrals from Social Media Sites Surging

social media

A new report published on Shareaholic indicates that traffic referrals from many social media sites, especially Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, are skyrocketing in number. Combined, these three social media websites are currently driving over 50% more traffic today than they were just a year ago.

However, not every social media site has experienced this same level of growth over the last year. This being said. it is important to dig into the data to see which social media websites have seen the greatest increases in traffic referrals.

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How Much is a Pin Worth, Exactly?

pinterest cash

If you own or operate a small online business you would be wise to consider promoting it through the use of Pinterest, according to a recent report published by Piqora. In fact, the report suggests that a pin is a more a powerful way of driving sales than either Facebook posts or tweets on Twitter.

According to the report, Pinterest is also on the rise, as pins are about 25% more valuable today than they were a year ago. This being said, business's that are looking to increase their sales, should consider, within their marketing plan, making pins on Pinterest.

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