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Does LinkedIn’s Recent Rebranding Indicate a Paradigm Shift in Website Design?

LinkedIn Rebranding

Networking giant LinkedIn recently launched a full-scale rebranding campaign to incorporate more warmth, humanity and inclusion on its website. The facelift was needed, according to LinkedIn, to address user perceptions that the site only addresses the needs of white-collar job seekers and members in upper management.

This move comes amid a push by other social media sites to promote greater inclusivity and more authentic user experiences. Startups and small to medium-sized business owners should pay close attention to this shifting site design landscape to capture the attention of new clients.

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Five Tips to Help Your Business Craft a Dynamic Social Media Presence

dynamic social media presence

Each day, your clients and potential new leads interact extensively via a wide range of diverse social media sites. Does your small business have a defined strategy to capture and maintain interest across social networking platforms? If so, could it benefit from becoming more robust, active or sophisticated? Are there any new angles you could take in order to reach an even bigger audience?

By using some or all of the following five practical tips, you may garner additional attention on social media sites, gain new leads and, potentially, expand your brand’s reach into new territory. 

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Is The Google+ Team Hiding Dismal User Numbers?


EDIT: Please check out Edward Morbius' response to this post in the comments below.

Many might consider Google+ to be a black sheep among social media networks. Despite claiming to have around 540 million active users, many people feel that Google+ is a ghost town when compared to networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Indeed, reports seem to come out regularly stating that only a tiny fraction of Google+ users are actually active on the network.

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Social Media Advertising: As Facebook Expands, People Flock to Ello

social media advertising

Earlier this month, we reported how smaller social networks might be the future of social media. They potentially offer more intimate connections with like-minded members, without forcing users to maintain a profile that's acceptable to hundreds - if not thousands - of different people.

Social media advertising is one of the biggest points of contention with large networks. Now, despite users hating Facebook ads, the social giant is expanding their ad reach indefinitely. Coincidentally, the ad-free Ello network has simultaneously seen huge gains in membership.

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Netropolitan and the Fracturing of Social Media


Do you feel like your Facebook friends just don't get you? Ever wish your online communities could be a bit more... exclusive? Gated, even? Basically, are you tired of hearing people complain about how poor they are on the Internet?

Well, you're in luck. For a mere $9,000 buy-in (and $3,000 yearly fee), you can join Netropolitan, a social network launched this week that's playfully being referred to as a "Facebook for rich people." While the idea may seem absurd to some, it's indicative of a trend that's been growing for years: public desire for smaller social media.

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