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Why Do People Really Share Content?

why share content

It's clear that there is an inherent value in having content that people want to share. This is especially true in social media marketing. Creating content is just one step in the chain. If you can get users to share it for you, they're essentially doing your work for free. Additionally, others will be more likely to read the content if it is shared by someone whom they know and trust. Think of it as a vetting process. There are many people who wouldn't look twice if they saw your company's post, but who would absolutely read it -- and perhaps share it again -- if a friend or a family member posted it.

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Is Facebook Use Declining?

Facebook use

You may have heard rumors that Facebook usage is declining. This is especially common with younger users, who may favor other types of social media. After all, Facebook has been around for going on two decades now, so it is hardly the trendy new site that it once was.

But is usage really declining? If you're planning to run ads on social media, you must know where your audience is. The draw of Facebook, for businesses, is not anything inherent that Facebook itself does. It's just the fact that it has a vast audience and makes it easy to connect with potential customers, run ads aimed at them, answer their questions and drive traffic to your own site. Without that audience, nothing else matters. So what's really going on with Facebook?

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What Kinds of Content Do People Share?

share content

Having your web content go viral can bring in a ton of attention for your brand, but you don't need to have that type of success to have a major impact. Any content that people share is highly beneficial. It's far more likely that their connections on social media will interact with that content than if they come across it in any other fashion. The personal endorsement from someone whom they know makes all the difference in the world.

But how do you get content that accomplishes this goal? What types of content are people more likely to share and thus spread within their own circles?

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One Statistic That Illustrates the Value of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

One issue with social media marketing is that people often find their return on investment (ROI) harder to measure than they'd like. Sure, if someone clicks through an ad and makes a purchase, you know it works. But what if they click the ad and don't buy anything, only to buy your product in a physical store the next time they're shopping? Your ad still worked and created that sale, but this type of statistic can slip through the cracks. This can make it hard to look at the raw numbers and see if your social media campaign is working.

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Social Media Isn't Just an Extra or a Luxury

social media luxury

There was a time when social media was seen as a bonus or a benefit for businesses. People were interested in learning how to use this new, emerging technology to help their companies thrive. They knew they could still succeed without it, but they thought it may give them a great level of success. Sales and branding added an extra element to strong companies and promised potential exposure for new businesses.

It is safe to say that that outlook has changed. In a recent interview with CNBC, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk said that businesses should look at TikTok, Instagram and Facebook as necessities, not luxuries. They don't give you an extra edge. They determine whether or not your company will succeed.

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