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Firefox Developer Edition Launches

firefox developer edition

Mozilla's Firefox browser definitely doesn't have the popularity it once did. According to Adobe, Firefox was the second-leading browser behind Internet Explorer in U.S. desktop and mobile usage combined until around the end of 2011. At that point, Firefox was eclipsed by current leader Chrome, as well as Safari and Android browsers.

Experts attribute Firefox's downturn to the fact that they've been notoriously absent in the mobile sphere. However, Mozilla does seem to be coming up with ways to solidify their small but dedicated user base, such as the new Firefox Developer Edition.

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comScore Data Reveals App Popularity Shakeup


comScore recently released data for United States smartphone marketshare for September, and although the data has not changed significantly overall since July when comScore first started tracking this metric, the big surprise was the drop in the popularity of the Google Maps application.

At one point, Google Maps was more popular than any other smartphone app in existence, but after hitting #5 in July, the app sits in the #8 position behind things like Pandora Radio and the Apple App Suite. Read on for full rankings.

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Google Now Like-Quick Answers Come to Desktop Search

google now

The lines between desktop and mobile devices continue to blur with a new post published on the Google Official Blog announcing the arrival of Google Now-like quick answers in Google Search, not just on smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices but on desktop PCs and laptops as well.

The move signals further unification among Google's interface on various devices, which makes sense - after all, why should you have to adjust your search habits based on the hardware you're using when the software remains the same?

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Google Brings Back Zagat App for Nightlife and Restaurants


A post published yesterday on the Google Official Blog reveals that Google is bringing back the Zagat mobile application for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Although you can already get most of the information contained in the application through Google Maps, you will want to check it out if you are looking for a convenient and concise way to access information pertinent to bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and the like across most of the major cities - especially since the application is free and requires no registration.

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7+ New Categories Come to Bing Autosuggest

bing autosuggest

A new post published yesterday on the Bing Search Blog indicated that seven new categories are going to be released on the Bing Autosuggest application - a functionality in which Bing provides you with a list of predictions as to what you might be searching for based on the text you have entered so far.

People Autosuggest shows you information snapshots about anyone with a public LinkedIn profile that you might be searching for. The addition of seven new categories will make Bing Autosuggest far more robust and useful.

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