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Does Google Only Fight English-Language Web Spam?

google web spam

If your website or blog site predominately caters to an English-speaking audience, it is all too easy to forget that the rest of the world - at least the portions with internet access - use Google and other various search engines too search for information.

However, does Google, too, forget about its millions of users throughout the entire world that do not speak English? In a single word, hardly, according to a new video that was published by Matt Cutts, Google's chief of webspam (or more accurately, fighting and preventing webspam).

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Facebook Purging Fake Accounts


Did your business page on Facebook lose a significant number of fans yesterday and today? If so, do not be surprised if you lose even more over the coming months. However, do not fret about it as you most likely didn't do anything to alienate or irritate your followers and hence, incite a mass exodus.

Beginning yesterday, Facebook began an intensive process of purging tens of thousands of fake accounts and fake page likes from their massive social network in an attempt to improve their overall website integrity, relevance, and value.

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Fake Users and Big Losses: More Trouble for Facebook


It looks like there's no end in sight as additional concerns continue to surface for Facebook, if recent reports published by the Los Angeles Times and Fox News are to be believed.

According to the reports recently published by the two news outlets above, Facebook is hurting where it counts most for any company that is publicly traded: its stock price. The reports indicate that Facebook is also suffering from a glut of fake user profiles and even click fraud. This being said, is there light at the end of the tunnel for Zuckerberg and the social media company?

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iAcquire Returns to Google's Index


Back toward the end of May, we reported that Google had removed search marketing firm iAcquire from its indexes as part of Penguin Update 1.1, an algorithm update intended to reduce the visibility of webspam in Google search results.

The primary offense iAcquire had perpetrated, at least according to Google, was buying links for clients, or using "paid compensation" to acquire links, as iAcquire puts it. Two days ago, Search Engine Land reported that iAcquire is finally back on Google's indexes. But did iAcquire really clean up its act once and for all?

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Google Adds "Download Latest Links" Button to Webmaster Tools

google tools

Way back in May, we reported on the aftermath of Google Penguin and how so many sites saw their rankings fall to the nether-pages of Google for apparent webspam offenses, examples of which include keyword stuffing, associating with content farms and engaging in shady link building practices.

A common complaint among Penguin-defeated webmasters and bloggers around this time was that they lost ranking not because of the things they did on their own, but because of inbound links they'd naturally acquired from less-than-reputable external sites.

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