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Is It Time to Start Addressing Content Blindness on Social Media?

content blindness

A relatively new idea in the content world involves the notion that content marketing will become less and less sustainable for businesses as the amount of content on the internet continues to grow. Respected business consultant Mark Schaefer called the idea content shock last year, and it's been widely discussed ever since.

While not everyone agrees that content shock is actually something to be worried about, the results of a recent study certainly aren't encouraging. Basically, readers are adapting to the huge amount of available content by tuning out sponsored posts on social media.

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Facebook Ads Thriving Despite Skepticism

facebook ads

Anybody involved in online advertising and marketing knows just how huge of a business it is. Internet companies like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have thousands of people paying to run ads or promoted content on their platforms.

Despite the myriad of advertising options on the internet, however, Google has always severely dominated the competition. Revenue from Google's AdWords totaled over $59 billion in 2014 - much, much more than any other service. Now, however, it seems that Facebook ads could be catching up, regardless of the backlash seen in some circles.

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Content Syndication Is Big Business - But Does It Promote Clickbait?

content syndication

If you've heard of Taboola, you're likely pretty familiar with content marketing and the various publishing channels that can get your content in front of a targeted audience.

Even if you haven't heard of it, however, you've definitely seen it at work. Anytime you get to the end of a blog post or article and see a group of headlines under the phrase "Recommended For You," "From Around the Web," or "You May Also Like," that's Taboola or one of its content syndication competitors at work. Marketers are paying to have their content displayed by these services - but will this strategy last?

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Promoted Pins Set To Go Live

promoted pins

When it comes to native advertising and sponsored content, marketers have no shortage of options. There are Facebook's promoted posts, Twitter's promoted tweets, LinkedIn's sponsored updates and Tumblr's sponsored posts, not to mention the thousands of blogs or news sites that are willing to promote content for a fee.

Now, Pinterest can be added to the list of networks where you can pay to have your posts show up in users' feeds. As far as native ads on social media go, this is good news - pins on Pinterest have had a history of being much more valuable than likes or tweets.

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Readers Hate Sponsored Content, But Netflix Did it Right

sponsored content

Sponsored content is an important part of today's native advertising strategies. Native advertising pieces are intended to fit into a publisher's platform by mimicking the qualities of the publisher. For example, native advertising on Twitter would look just like a regular Tweet. On Buzzfeed, a sponsored post might look like a numbered list intended to be shared socially - just like the majority of Buzzfeed's content. These strategies are often used as an alternative to things like banner ads, which are generally thought to be widely ignored by Internet users. However, a new study from Contently actually shows that most users have a deep distrust of sponsored content.

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