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Nielsen Releases Stats on "Second-Screening"

second screening

Although tablets are often considered "mobile devices," most people aren't carrying them around all day - instead, they're spending plenty of their tablet time sitting on the couch and engaging in an activity that's come to be known as "second-screening."

In other words, they're watching television and using their tablets for totally unrelated tasks or to augment the information they're getting from the TV. Marketers of all stripes are looking for ways to cash in on this new phenomenon and a new report from Nielsen should give them some actionable information.

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Meet Izik, A Search Engine for Tablets


While Google, Yahoo and Bing may have all modified the mobile versions of their search engines to make them more tablet-friendly, no company - until now - has created a search engine that is specifically designed for tablets.

Enter blekko, inventors of the new Izik search engine made just for iPads, Kindle Fires, Microsoft Surface tablets and other similar tablet devices. The new search engine, while functional on personal computers, is tailored specifically to the touchscreen interfaces and smaller viewing areas found on tablets.

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Apple Reveals iPad Mini, Much More

apple ipad mini

Despite nearly universal criticism of Apple Maps in iOS6, Apple has already sold 3 million units of its iPhone 5. Several experts predict that 1 billion iOS devices will be in people's hands by 2015, and Apple took a major step toward fulfilling that prophecy yesterday with the unveiling of two new iPads.

The iPad with Retina Display (4th gen) is indistinguishable from its predecessor in name/function, but benefits from an A6X processor for faster graphics performance, a lighting connector, and improved Wi-Fi, same as what's found on the iPhone 5.

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New Amazon Kindle Fires will Use Bing by Default

amazon kindle fire

Maybe Jeff Bezos and other executives at Amazon took the "Bing It On" challenge and liked what they saw so much that they decided to switch to a new default search engine platform.

After making Google the official default search engine on the original Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet, which is in the hands of roughly 5 million consumers and has captured 22% of the total tablet market share, Amazon will be turning to Microsoft as the provider of the default search engine on the new set of Kindle Fires slated for release later this fall, according to reputable sources.

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