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Search Engines Reveal Top Searches of 2015

top searches of 2015

Looking at the top search trends of the year helps internet marketers, content creators, SEO professionals and webmasters understand how people use the internet. While these lists are typically dominated by celebrities, news events and sports moments, they nevertheless provide valuable insight and perspective for anyone hoping to attract more traffic to their site.

And while the importance of search engines may be diminishing slightly when compared to other methods of content delivery such as social media, these lists could help content creators find audiences in unexpected places (like Yahoo, for instance).

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Keyword-Rich Domains Boost Rankings? No, Says Bing

domain names

A new post published on the Bing Webmaster Blog by Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Bing, weighs in on the importance of having a web site domain name that is comprised of relevant keywords.

While Duane Forrester says that having a keyword rich domain name would provide a major boost over the competition around a decade ago, keyword rich domain names no longer have any significant influence on your search engine rankings today, despite what some SEO analysts might tell you.

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Google's Cutts Reveals 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes

After explaining why new pages drop in ranking over time and warning site owners about the dangers of purchasing a spammy domain, Google web spam chief Matt Cutts is back with a new informative video. This time, Cutts is talking about the top 5 mistakes site owners make with their SEO.

While these mistakes are not the most damaging mistakes you could make, they are the most common, according to Cutts. While the video may be geared towards the more inexperienced, many veteran site owners could use this refresher course as well.

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How to Become an Affiliate Blogger Success in 7 Steps

affiliate blogger

Of all the ways to monetize your blog - placing advertisements, selling merchandise, offering a premium membership - affiliate marketing is one of the most attractive.

As an affiliate blogger, you will want to develop and thereafter, implement creative techniques and approaches in order to drive traffic from your website to an affiliate company's website. When that traffic makes a purchase at the affiliate's website, or possibly even when they click your affiliate's link, you receive a commission payment. So why is affiliate blogging so appealing?

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New Interface Tools Come to Google AdWords

Google Adwords

A series of useful new interface tools have been incorporated into Google AdWords. If you log into your AdWords account today, you should find a new "Keyword" column that allows you to detect exactly which word(s) from a query triggered the display of your advertisement.

Additional upgrades include improved campaign diagnostics, faster account editing, email alerts for automated rules, and Javascript automation for AdWords scripts. The features were published on the Google Inside AdWords official blog, and will make your interactions with AdWords easier and more productive.

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