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Evergreen vs. Viral Content: Which Is More Effective For Your Brand?

viral content

Every content marketer's first priority is developing high-quality content. But secretly, all content writers want their pieces to go viral too. Wouldn't it be nice to write a blog post or create a video that gets tons of views, likes and shares right away, causing thousands of people to visit and convert on your site?

Of course, you don't want to be a flash-in-the-pan either. Maybe the better strategy would be to create long-lasting, valuable evergreen content that gets a steady stream of traffic over time. Which strategy works better?

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How to Replicate the YouTube Success of Dai Ling Ping


In less than a year, YouTuber Dai Ling Ping has started a YouTube channel and gained over 25,000 subscribers strictly as a one-man operation. Now, he's raking in advertizing revenue and is poised to grow his unique brand even further in 2012.

For the uninitiated individual, Dai Ling Ping specializes in humorous, albeit primarily juvenile viral videosthat are centered around video games and always laden with profanity. Dai Ling Ping is appealing directly to an internet counterculture marked by rebellious web destinations like FailBlog and 4chan.

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Monetizing Your Web Site

monetizing your web site

I've gotten a few requests to write this post and, to be honest, it's probably about time. Creating a valuable and well written web site is a service that some people offer for free. However, do a simple Google search and try to find a web site in the top 10 that doesn't have some sort of advertisement, store or banner.

I'm willing to bet that, with most broad topics, you will be unable to find one within the first 30 results. The simple fact is that web sites are expensive to build and take a lot of time to develop. Why not be rewarded for your efforts?

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