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HTTP/2 Support Begins Rollout In Browsers


The internet has changed immensely since 1999. Besides simply being used by many more people for tons of new and varied purposes, one of the most drastic ways the internet has changed involves design. Using web archives, we can see the quaint design that sites like Google and AOL had at the time - simple (if sometimes cluttered), text-heavy and very little multimedia.

Looking at those old sites can make it feel strange to consider that Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the foundation for data communication on the internet, hasn't changed since 1999. Finally, it's getting an upgrade.

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Introducing Fire Phone, the New Amazon Smartphone

fire phone

In a move that has been rumored about for some time, Amazon has finally thrown its hat into the smartphone ring. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the new device today at a Seattle press conference, and the new phone promises some very innovative features.

As far as basic specs go, the Fire Phone is Android-based with a 4.7-inch high-definition display. It boasts a 13-megapixel camera and a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor. Purchasing the phone will also get you one free year of Amazon's premier membership program, Amazon Prime. People who already have Prime can get their next year free.

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"Cortana" is Microsoft's Answer to Apple's Siri


Rumors have long circulated that Microsoft would launch a competitor to Apple's Siri voice assistant. After all, Microsoft's line of Windows Phones and other mobile devices such as the Surface tablet compete directly with Apple's iOS devices including the iPad and iPhone, both of which run Siri.

Rumors have now become reality, as Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 users will be getting a new digital friend in the form of "Cortana" starting in April. But how will it compare to Apple's more seasoned service?

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Google Improving OneBox Answers

OneBox answers

Remember Ask Jeeves? If you've been online for a while you probably do, even if you haven't turned your browser to the still-running Ask.com in many years. The central premise was that you'd type a question into the search box, and "Jeeves" would deliver you an actual answer to your question - sometimes - instead of a list of sites that might have the answer to your question.

Although it rarely worked as you hoped, recent improvements Google has made to its OneBox answers are bringing Jeeves' old vision much closer to a consistent reality.

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Yahoo Updated on iOS


After revamping their desktop search experience earlier this year, Yahoo is back with a retooled search site for iOS, just in time for the release of iOS 7 and Apple's new smartphones, the iPhone 5C and 5S. Not surprisingly, the mobile Yahoo experience is now very similar to the experience Yahoo rolled out in early summer for desktop users.

The most outstanding feature is a new navigation bar that automatically disappears when you scroll, and reappears when you stop scrolling so you can quickly conduct a new search - and this feature is only the beginning.

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