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Facebook Surpasses Google As Leading Traffic Source to Media Sites

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You know that getting referral traffic is just as important, if not more, than organic traffic to your site. Referred visitors often land on your page due to a recommendation (in the form of a link or social share) from a trusted source. This means that these visitors aren't just casually or accidentally arriving at your site - they're already interested or engaged with your content or products.

Traditionally, Facebook has been an excellent resource - dwarfing other social networks in terms of social referral traffic. Now, Facebook has topped Google in referral traffic to media sites overall.

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Traffic Referrals from Social Media Sites Surging

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A new report published on Shareaholic indicates that traffic referrals from many social media sites, especially Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, are skyrocketing in number. Combined, these three social media websites are currently driving over 50% more traffic today than they were just a year ago.

However, not every social media site has experienced this same level of growth over the last year. This being said. it is important to dig into the data to see which social media websites have seen the greatest increases in traffic referrals.

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How to Replicate the YouTube Success of Dai Ling Ping


In less than a year, YouTuber Dai Ling Ping has started a YouTube channel and gained over 25,000 subscribers strictly as a one-man operation. Now, he's raking in advertizing revenue and is poised to grow his unique brand even further in 2012.

For the uninitiated individual, Dai Ling Ping specializes in humorous, albeit primarily juvenile viral videosthat are centered around video games and always laden with profanity. Dai Ling Ping is appealing directly to an internet counterculture marked by rebellious web destinations like FailBlog and 4chan.

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