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Twitter Launches New Ad Service: Promoted Video

twitter promoted video

According to a new post on Twitter's blog, your Twitter stream may soon start looking a lot more like your Facebook news feed. The popular social media platform announced yesterday that they will be debuting a new ad service known as Promoted Video, which will allow brands, publishers and some verified users to share video ads directly on Twitter's platform.

While promoted video is currently only available to select publishers, some believe that it will lead to all users eventually being able to use native video on Twitter.

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How to Replicate the YouTube Success of Dai Ling Ping


In less than a year, YouTuber Dai Ling Ping has started a YouTube channel and gained over 25,000 subscribers strictly as a one-man operation. Now, he's raking in advertizing revenue and is poised to grow his unique brand even further in 2012.

For the uninitiated individual, Dai Ling Ping specializes in humorous, albeit primarily juvenile viral videosthat are centered around video games and always laden with profanity. Dai Ling Ping is appealing directly to an internet counterculture marked by rebellious web destinations like FailBlog and 4chan.

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Writing a Video Game Script

writing a video

Writing a video game script is quite a large undertaking for most individuals. This is especially true if the game script will be for an expansive fantasy or role playing game. This being said, making the jump from casual fiction writing to script writing should not be taken lightly, even for the seasoned veteran.

One of the most important considerations for video gamers is the story line. If your story line is not innovative and interesting, your script will more than likely fail. We will examine the elements that make for a solid and well written video game script.

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