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New Year, New Chance to Update Your Old Site Content

site content

Many webmasters spend time updating their blog, news section or product pages throughout the year. They often spend a lot of time focusing on building new pages as well. But when was the last time you did a detailed review of your Contact Us page? It doesn't take long for pages like this to become outdated or irrelevant. You might find you even have some downright incorrect information.

With a new year at hand, it's the perfect time to go through your important but neglected business pages with a fine-tooth comb. Keep these things in mind when giving your site content the once over.

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Internet Archive Wayback Machine Reaches 240 Billion Pages

internet archive wayback machine

If you have never heard of the Archive Wayback Machine, get ready for a trip down memory lane - especially if you are a long time veteran internet user with fond but hazy recollections of how things were "back in the day."

In fact, there has never been a better time to try out the Archive Wayback Machine. According to a new blog post by Brewster Kahle, one of the founders of Archive.org, the site has now reached the incredible milestone of having over 240 billion page URLs indexed and ready for browsing.

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Flickr is Allowing Users to Disable Pinterest Sharing

disable pinterest sharing

SEO headlines have been ablaze with news and controversy regarding Pinterest, the hot new image-based social media site that has been growing very quickly and is now competing with Google and Twitter in terms of referral traffic despite its beta status.

Pinterest's first pitfall came a couple of weeks ago when it was discovered that the site was making money by covertly adding affiliate links to the various images that their users were posting. Although this type of issue could be considered a no-harm-no-foul practice by some individuals, it's not Pinterest's sole problem.

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When Not to Use Anecdotes in Content Writing

anecdotes in content

Some writers like to use anecdotes in content writing to prove a point, strengthen their story, or to give the article a bit of personal touch. Anecdotes can be effective when used correctly, but that does not mean you should use them frequently. They should be just one of many tools that you use to write strong web content.

So what exactly are anecdotes and how can they be used when writing content? Anecdotes can be described as interesting, quirky examples that expound upon an amusing situation or event that you or someone else has experienced in a "real life" situation in the past.

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News: New Content Packages Now Available

content customs content packages

At Content Customs, we have always valued each and every customer. However, clients wishing to enter a long term relationship are essential to our growth and ability to continue offering some of the lowest content prices on the Internet while still maintaining a dedication to content quality and speed of delivery.

For this reason, we are now offering new instant ordering features for our web site visitors that wish to order ongoing content packages with just the click of a mouse and, as always, all of the content that we produce includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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