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Penguin 3.0 Is Here, but the Disavow Tool Remains Mysterious

disavow tool

It's that time again. Google's Penguin 3.0 update has officially rolled out after about a year of silence, and the reactions so far have been mixed. Webmasters and SEOs will likely be doing one of three things as the update takes effect: enjoying a surge in rankings due to a clean link profile, seeing no change in traffic, or scrambling to fix low-quality links.

Fixing spammy links involves either contacting the webmasters that are linking to you or using Google's disavow tool. Unfortunately, despite much discussion, Google has failed to make it clear when people should actually disavow links.

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Does Google Only Fight English-Language Web Spam?

google web spam

If your website or blog site predominately caters to an English-speaking audience, it is all too easy to forget that the rest of the world - at least the portions with internet access - use Google and other various search engines too search for information.

However, does Google, too, forget about its millions of users throughout the entire world that do not speak English? In a single word, hardly, according to a new video that was published by Matt Cutts, Google's chief of webspam (or more accurately, fighting and preventing webspam).

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Google Rolls Out Penguin 2.0, a New Weapon Against Web Spam

Google Penguin 2.0

According to Search Engine Land, the latest instrument of destruction in Google's battle against web spam - Penguin 2.0 - is now live. There may be confusion among the SEO media about what exactly to call the update; Google is going with Penguin 2.0, as we will as well, while Search Engine Land is calling it Penguin 4.

The updates that Search Engine Land are calling Penguin 2 and 3 were minor updates launched in May and October of 2012, impacting just 0.1% and 0.3% of search queries, respectively. The new Penguin 2.0 impacts a relatively whopping 2.3% of queries.

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The Summer of Google: Killing Spam, Updating Penguin

google summer

Matt Cutts, Google's chief of web spam, is back with a new video, this time answering the question of what types of SEO changes to expect from Google over the summer.

Cutts was forthcoming, of course without giving the fine details, and outlines about 10 changes that he expects to have a single cumulative effect: bringing up the ranking of good, valuable sites and lowering the ranking of spam sites and junk. Will the changes help? Probably. Will plenty of web masters and SEO specialists be upset and confused along the way? Even more likely.

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Can a Spam Domain Rank Later? Unlikely, Says Cutts

spam domain

So, you found an existing domain name for sale and it just so happens to be available at a steal of a price. The only problem is that for most or all of the domain name's life so far, it's been a spam site packed with black hat SEO techniques. Now, you have good intentions to turn the domain around and use it for your reputable business.

Is it worth the time trying to save a spam domain site, or is it better to go with a fresh domain that hasn't earned a poor reputation? As reported by Search Engine Land, Google's web spam head Matt Cutts is back with a new video to share the answers.

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