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How Much is a Pin Worth, Exactly?

pinterest cash

If you own or operate a small online business you would be wise to consider promoting it through the use of Pinterest, according to a recent report published by Piqora. In fact, the report suggests that a pin is a more a powerful way of driving sales than either Facebook posts or tweets on Twitter.

According to the report, Pinterest is also on the rise, as pins are about 25% more valuable today than they were a year ago. This being said, business's that are looking to increase their sales, should consider, within their marketing plan, making pins on Pinterest.

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The Hottest Search Term of 2012? "Facebook"


"Facebook" was entered into the various search engines more often than any other keyword, or keyword phase, in 2012, the same as in 2011, 2010 and 2009, according to a new list of search trends compiled by, and published by Experian Marketing Services.

While the search trend results are obviously impressive, Facebook still managed to outdo itself in 2012, as the term accounted for 4.13% of all search engine queries last year, up 33% from 2011. In addition, four of the top 10 search engine keyword phrases of the year were all variations on the term "Facebook."

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How to Replicate the YouTube Success of Dai Ling Ping


In less than a year, YouTuber Dai Ling Ping has started a YouTube channel and gained over 25,000 subscribers strictly as a one-man operation. Now, he's raking in advertizing revenue and is poised to grow his unique brand even further in 2012.

For the uninitiated individual, Dai Ling Ping specializes in humorous, albeit primarily juvenile viral videosthat are centered around video games and always laden with profanity. Dai Ling Ping is appealing directly to an internet counterculture marked by rebellious web destinations like FailBlog and 4chan.

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19 Things That Make Google Analytics an Awesome Tool

google analytics

By now, most everyone has heard of Google and just in case you haven't - Google began as a search engine company and now has the largest search engine market share in the world. However, Google is much more than a search engine company and in fact, has countless Internet based applications, programs, and tools.

Analytics is one of Google's most powerful tools and is designed to assist web developers and online business owners alike to improve their search rankings across the various pages of their site. Below is a list of 19 things that make Google Analytics an awesome tool:

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This is How Your Site Should Flow

website should flow

The flow of your website, although it may not initially be noticeable to your audience, can determine the level of enjoyment your visitors feel while browsing through your site. Good flow will not only make it easier for web surfers to navigate your site, it increases the readability and aesthetic value of your content.

Creating a well designed website will at the very least maintain your site's traffic, if not contribute to increasing it. In addition, your site should flow in a manner that improves your reputation, conversion rate, and possibly even your page rankings.

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