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Keyword-Rich Domains Boost Rankings? No, Says Bing

domain names

A new post published on the Bing Webmaster Blog by Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Bing, weighs in on the importance of having a web site domain name that is comprised of relevant keywords.

While Duane Forrester says that having a keyword rich domain name would provide a major boost over the competition around a decade ago, keyword rich domain names no longer have any significant influence on your search engine rankings today, despite what some SEO analysts might tell you.

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The Advantages of Using a More Advanced Hosting Setup

advanced hosting setup

When most people think of hosting, they are thinking of public cloud services; with good reason. Public cloud hosting services are the most common on the Internet - where perhaps thousands of different users will share the same servers.

However, public cloud hosting comes with some disadvantages that can make larger businesses or webmasters that store sensitive data nervous. For example, government web sites, customer information, just to name a few. This being said, there are many advantages of using a more advanced hosting setup.

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What You Should Know About Hosting on a Managed Private Cloud Solution

private cloud solution hosting

Hosting on a managed private cloud solution offers some major differences from hosting on a public cloud - mainly in the areas of customization and security. On a public cloud, a variety of users access the same servers to store their data - reducing cost and creating an on-demand resource center.

However, public clouds also feature a lack of security that a managed private cloud solution can offer. Before choosing a managed private cloud solution for your data storage and connectivity needs, there are a few cloud hosting options that you should know about.

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Hosting 101: Hosting Options for Dummies

hosting options

It's often difficult to imagine that every bit of information on the Internet has to be stored on some sort of physical device. Before the Internet became popularized, web masters usually just bought their own servers and hosted their web applications on their own equipment.

However, it wasn't long before people began amassing these physical servers and renting the space out to hungry web site owners. While many web masters that still host their websites on their own servers, there are many hosting options that you can use to host your web applications on while saving money and improving flexibility.

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Five Things That Make Your Wordpress Blog Look Professional

Wordpress Blog

It is estimated that nearly one hundred new blogs are started every minute. Simple math dictates that a single day presents tens of thousands of potential new competitors that are intent on stealing your readership. How then do you construct a successful Wordpress blog that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition?

Obviously, your blog needs to contain interesting and useful content. However, regardless of how captivating the content may be, it won't turn heads and capture the number of visitors that you are looking for unless it looks and feels professional.

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