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How to Increase Your Word of Mouth Referrals

word of mouth referrals

Back when I was young and foolish - now I'm just the latter - I wrote for an educational children's show that achieved critical acclaim, a Peabody, but no commercial success.

While I wasn't too concerned about what the future held, my co-writer, an older woman, most certainly was. While I focused on and made it my job to write scripts, she made it her job to write scripts and collect emails from everybody. This included everyone that we met in relation to the show: producers, actors, engineers, big names at award banquets, you name it.

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What You Should Know About Hosting on a Managed Private Cloud Solution

private cloud solution hosting

Hosting on a managed private cloud solution offers some major differences from hosting on a public cloud - mainly in the areas of customization and security. On a public cloud, a variety of users access the same servers to store their data - reducing cost and creating an on-demand resource center.

However, public clouds also feature a lack of security that a managed private cloud solution can offer. Before choosing a managed private cloud solution for your data storage and connectivity needs, there are a few cloud hosting options that you should know about.

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4 Steps to Developing a Site with a Killer First Impression

killer first impression website

Every web designer dreams of developing at least one authority web site where users will return to based on their first impression to find quick answers to their tough questions or to continue learning about the subject matter that is compiled on the web site. While there are countless web sites that aspire to such goals, in reality, very few are actually able to actually that kind of status.

There are 4 steps to developing a site with a killer first impression. While following each of the steps listed below may not guarantee your success, at the very least, you will be pointed in the right direction.

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4 Steps to Merging your Content and Design Like a Pro

content and design

Successful website design and development requires a significant amount of knowledge and creativity. In addition, one of the most important aspects of the web design process is the synchronization of your content and design.

Successfully merging the two will result in a balance between content and design that incorporates aesthetically appealing aspects of design that don't distract from your content. In my experience, the following 4 steps to merging your content and design like a pro are tantamount to successful web design.

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If You Must Have Ads, Make Them Look Nice

attractive ads

While many start their blogs for fun, a blog can become a source of income seemingly over night. You may hold ideals that regard using your blog to make money as selling out or losing sight of its core intentions, but everyone must find a way to keep paying the bills.

It should be perfectly understandable that bloggers who spend all of their time blogging need to make a living from doing so. Using advertisements on your blog can be a source of income, which can be quite lucrative if you maintain steady traffic. However, if you're going to have ads, you should take the time to make them attractive.

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