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Targeting Your Copy to Customers' Needs


When you are creating marketing copy with a call to action, the ultimate, final goal is not always some general concept like brand awareness or spreading the word about a new idea. Sometimes, you're trying to directly sell to the reader. You're trying to get a conversion. That's not to say that copy for brand awareness won't work; it can, and it does. But you must remember that unique pages have unique goals, and you need to have copy that focuses on those goals. It needs to work toward a specific end. Only when you identify that can you create pages that work and do what you intend. Finding that success is not a fluke, so long as you focus on it from the very beginning.

Pain Points

For example, if your goal is to work with another business, start by identifying their pain points. These are things that they must fix. They are actively losing money. They are searching for solutions.

You can tell why copy that focuses on these areas is valuable. They know they have to move forward. It also means that your call to action is going to be far more likely to succeed and you'll be far more likely to get a conversion -- no matter how you word it. You don't have to convince them. You just have to show that you offer what they already want and lead them to buy it.

For instance, maybe you run a consulting business focused on improving efficiency in the workplace. You identify a sector in which efficiency is severely lacking. Guess what? You're not the only one who knows it. They do, too. They probably have projections for how much money they're losing every quarter. They've probably tried other solutions. The business isn't about to go under, but they know that the inefficiency is destroying their bottom line. They just do not have the expertise or the manpower to fix it.

Your copy, then, could focus less on explaining the inefficiencies. You do not have to show them why they need you. Both of you already understand that. Instead, you can focus on the ways that you'll solve the problem. Mentioning the end benefits is a wise idea, but remember that they probably know that, as well. They have worked out how much they stand to gain if they can get the inefficiency fixed when determining what the budget looks like for that project. What you need to show them is how you will do it and why they should pick you to offer the solution.

Know Your Goals

This tactic does not work with every product or service. Sometimes, you do need to show customers why they want your product. You need to introduce them to something they haven't considered yet. If that's the space you're in, you need to understand the key differences.

In the end, you need to know your goals. If the goal is to solve a pain point for someone else -- a business or a consumer -- then you must focus on that type of copy with a call to action that guides them to what they want and you offer. You can waste a lot of time and energy presenting information that they don't need. Save that time and energy by considering the optimal course of action up front and designing a campaign with that end goal in mind.

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Posted on 5th September, 2019 by Jonathan Schlosser

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