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Tips for Making a Call to Action Work

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One of the big worries that people have with a call to action is simply that they're going to annoy the reader and actively push them away from making a purchase. In fact, some business owners specifically do not use them on these grounds. They don't want to seem pushy. However, since studies have found that calls to action do work and do increase sales, it's time to shift that perspective. A call to action that is done correctly won't be annoying or detract from sales numbers. That only happens when it's not implemented well. So, with that in mind, what can you do to make it successful?

Keep It Simple

First and foremost, make it as simple and clean as possible. Determine how you think clients are most likely to want to contact you anyway and then simply instruct them on how to do so. For instance, maybe you get most of your contacts via email. Linking to your email or providing an address they can paste into a message is fast and easy. The same can be done with phone numbers, social media contacts, online contact forms and the like. Some experts do advocate providing people with options; someone who may never call you, for instance, may contact you on social media. This does work, but don't make it too complex or offer so many options that it's confusing.

Offer More Than a Sale

The most obvious call to action tells the reader to "Buy now!" That can work for some products. A person who is on the fence but leaning toward buying may be swayed. But don't think that you have to make the sale right away, especially with expensive products and services. Instead, you can offer things like free estimates or more information. Telling someone to get in touch with you for a free quote or to ask questions about the services you provide may be more effective because there's no financial obligation. You still get them to connect with you, which is when you can make the sale.

Include a Benefit

One way to get a better response rate is to include a benefit with your call to action, rather than just saying the person can buy the product. They already know they can buy it. Adding another benefit might push them toward making that communication. The free estimate noted above is one such benefit. You could also say that they can "Call today to save $100 for a limited time" or something else along those lines. Doing so can create a sense of urgency. If they act right away, they get more than if they think it over for a month. That can help guide them toward a more active decision in the moment.

Focus on What Your Reader Wants to Do

Not all copy is written to get the reader to buy something. Your call to action needs to focus on the specific action you want the person to take and, most likely, the action they already want to do. That could mean signing up for a newsletter or registering for a website. It could mean joining a group or following a social media profile. It could mean downloading a digital product or sharing information with other users. Write a unique call to action that addresses that action specifically.

Getting the Right Copy

As you can see, it is very important to have the right copy on your website and within all related materials. It needs to be written intentionally and it needs to check specific boxes to be effective. To learn more about how our experts can craft the perfect call to action for your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Posted on 26th February, 2020 by Jonathan Schlosser

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