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Twitter’s Insights Tool Helps SMBs Maximize User Engagement

Twitter insights tool

Today’s consumers eagerly seek concise, engaging content when searching for products and services, interacting via social media or conducting other online activities. To reach users and keep their interest, it is critical to serve fresh content on a daily basis. But what time of day is best to deliver your content to help ensure it achieves maximum views and user engagement?

Twitter’s recently announced insights tool, Timing Is Everything, may have the answer. It helps small businesses time content delivery to reach the widest possible audience to boost engagement and start conversations with potential new clients.

Synching Your SMB to the Pulse of Your Customers

Small business owners know that timing is an essential component to hitting the sweet spot for a wide range of opportunities. From launching new products to timing your seasonal services and beyond, synching your SMB’s operations with the pulse of your customer base can translate to success and growth. The same concept applies when determining the best time of day to post the high-quality, actionable content you devoted precious resources to developing. Launch it too early in the day, and it can get buried in the noise. Conversely, if your push updates too late in the day, you risk missing out on views from a majority of potential new clients.

Timing Is Everything

Twitter’s newly launched insights tool, Timing Is Everything, tracks and displays information about the time of day when users are logged into Twitter and directly viewing and interacting with all forms of video content. This information has direct utility for any small business looking to time content delivery to capitalize on maximum view and engagement opportunities.

If the sweet spot is outside your regular work hours or at a time which is not convenient for your business, you can simply schedule the Tweet at an optimal time directly from Twitter’s insights page.

Use the following steps to get started with Timing Is Everything:

  • Engage the Analytics drop down from the Media Studio to access Insights
  • Analyze the data displayed to determine when your target audience is online
  • Schedule your Tweets to launch at the optimal time to achieve maximum user engagement

Although currently focused on video tweets, the tool may have future potential to expand to track other forms of online content delivery.

Shawn Stalter

Posted on 12th March, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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