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Web Site Partnerships - Content Creation

Web Site Partnerships

As an experienced content writer, I often receive offers from developers requesting that I consider entering into a variety of different types of web site partnerships that center around assisting them in generating the content for the web sites that they create for their clients.

The reason for these type of partnership requests is that while there are many skilled web designers, they often struggle with the content generation portion of the project. In addition, many developers find that the content generation to be one of the most expensive parts of building a web site.

I, on the other hand, have never pretended to be anywhere near an expert in designing and promoting web sites. Therefore, a web site partnership between a content writer and a web designer/marketer can be a match made in heaven. In essence, the designer agrees to build and promote the web site while the content writer agrees to write and manage all of the content from the home page to the contact us section. Except for the costs associated with domain purchase and hosting, this partnership can result in a cheap or free web site with an investment of only time.

Although I usually limit my partnerships to the owner of Content Customs or members of the web development team, I always take partnership offers very seriously because they can be an excellent way to build a web site quickly and easily; and so should you.

Making the Time for Partnerships

Of course, having a full time job and writing or designing in your free time can be quite a task. However, there are always a million excuses for not doing something. It can be tough to spend your week days doing the same thing that you do in your free time during the weekends.

However, partnerships are low risk endeavors that you cannot afford to pass up, especially if you are a content writer. We keep our prices low because we like to work with both large clients that have a strong, established business and enjoy quality content at low prices and start up web sites that may not have any more of a budget than a few pay checks. Content, no matter how you spin it, is expensive.

Saving That Content

At this point, I have sold almost every college paper I wrote during by Bachelor's and Master's program to web site owners because I was fortunate enough to have kept everything I ever wrote. This taught me one thing, content, no matter the variety or application, is a very valuable thing on the Internet.

If you work as a freelancer or have papers from high school or college, throw them up and see who is buying or keep them around for possible use on your own web sites in the future. You never know when that paper you wrote about Robert Frost might be needed by a person looking to sell his literature. In the event of a partnership, you might find that you have enough content to simply release your old work and make little or no additional investment.

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Posted on 10th February, 2010 by Mike Quayle

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