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Why Do Blog Posts Help SEO?

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We know well that having a blog attached to your site can do wonders for your SEO. There are plenty of stories of people doubling or tripling their organic traffic -- or more. While you do need on-site SEO as well, one of the fastest ways to increase your ranking and make your SEO more effective is to consistently blog about the search terms your audience is looking for.

But let's take a look beyond the statistics. Have you ever wondered why this works? What is it about blogging that makes it so effective, even in 2021? Why do you see those spikes in traffic when you spend months or years getting that content out?

Adding Fresh New Content

First of all, a blog adds fresh content to your site on a consistent basis. This helps because it shows search engines that the site is valuable and active. You want to position your site as one that constantly addresses users' needs and gives them what they're looking for, not a site that is outdated, neglected and stagnant. When you have an active blog, this is exactly what you do.

Adding Additional Keywords

Of course, blogging is also a simple way to get more keywords on your site. You don't want to keyword stuff your main page content -- or your blog posts, for that matter. But each additional post gives you a chance to integrate a few more terms. You can also research how search terms are changing and make sure that you're always using the most relevant terms for your business.

Answering Questions

One of the biggest reasons that people turn to the internet is to find answers to questions. Where can they buy a specific product? How can they use it more effectively? What does it cost? There are endless examples, and your blog allows you to directly answer those questions in a way that your main site content rarely does. All it takes is one blog post that tells a user exactly what they're looking for to get them onto your site -- and to show them that yours is a site that can be trusted, that offers useful information.

Setting Up Your Blog

If you're not using a blog system right now and posting consistent content, you may be missing out on an incredible amount of organic traffic. Give us a call or contact us online and we'd be happy to help you get started.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 9th September, 2021 by Jonathan Schlosser

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