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Why Does Google Roll Out Constant Updates?

Google updates

From the perspective of running your website and trying to get consistent traffic, the Google updates can be frustrating. Just when you feel like you have it all figured out, they change something. You have to keep learning, keep updating and keep working. Not only is this extra effort for you, but you may wonder why they even do it in the first place. It's not as if Google has to overtake that No. 1 spot. The search engine is already the world's most popular choice. So why do they keep making updates so that you and your SEO team have to stay on your toes?

Focusing on the User Experience

While each specific update may have its own unique goals, the general goal is just to provide the best user experience possible. Google is less worried about how much work they create for SEO strategists and more worried about refining their approach so that the people who use the search engine feel like it always gives them the results that they want. That's how they've built up their reputation, that's how they get such high traffic levels and that's why everyone else has to play their game and cater their SEO to Google's whims.

After all, people started trying to game the system almost as soon as Google launched. They'd stuff a site with keywords, as the early versions of Google considered the number of keywords to be a factor showing how valid the site was for that search term. People would even do things like put white words on a white background so that they could add thousands of words that no user would ever read.

All of this, of course, created a terrible user experience. Someone searching for concert tickets wants a site that can sell them a variety of different tickets, not a site where someone has copied and pasted the same keyword string a thousand times. Google outlawed practices like this -- they haven't been in use for decades -- and they keep making updates to refine the process even more.

Connecting with Your Readers

When you do your SEO, you also need to focus on how you can connect with your readers and organically use keywords in a relevant manner. This is not always as easy as it sounds, but we can help here at Content Customs. Call now.

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Posted on 13th May, 2021 by Jonathan Schlosser

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