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Why Update Your Content?

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It's common for business owners to assume that content that works is going to work forever. Once product pages and landing pages have been written, you're tempted to just check that job off of the list and forget about it. But running a successful website and having a strong web presence doesn't work this way. Things change, technology evolves, pages stop working, and it's important to go over your content and update it -- or even replace it -- from time to time. That job doesn't end, and assuming that it does can lead to lower traffic levels over time.

Renovating Your Home

One terrific example that has been used for this process is that of a home renovation. As any homeowner knows, the house wears down. You get scratches on the baseboards. The floors lose their shine. The paint starts to peel. Lightbulbs burn out. Ignoring these issues makes the home far less inviting and functional. But that doesn't mean you need to shut down your website and start over -- just as you don't need to tear your home down and rebuild. You just need updated content that really works.

Thinking of your web content as being "done" is like thinking "I painted that wall already; I'll never have to do it again." You do have that choice, but the quality of your home will decline. Likewise, your outdated website will not offer the experience that it used to, and you'll get worse results. Homes need upkeep and refreshing from time to time, and so do websites.

Why Are Changes Needed?

Exactly why you need these updates depends on a lot of factors. For many, it's just that keywords and phrases are now outdated. There are better keywords you could use, or you could use them in a different way. Keyword stuffing used to be popular, for instance, but now could detract from your ranking. The internet evolves, and your site needs to evolve right along with it.

Your audience could also change. Maybe the target audience has grown older, perhaps they now have more disposable income or maybe they're looking for different products and services than they used to. You may need to target them in a different way. For instance, the average age of marriage in the United States keeps going up, and is now 31 years old. Wedding planners, photographers and other wedding professionals need to understand how different it is to market for someone who is 31 instead of 21. Your site needs to reflect those who are using it most.

So What Should You Do?

Your site isn't entirely obsolete, but that doesn't mean you're getting optimal performance. At Content Customs, we would be happy to work with you on updating content, adding pages, refreshing existing content and much more. Let's work together to help you get the traffic you deserve.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 19th August, 2021 by Jonathan Schlosser

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