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Why Using the Right Type of SEO Matters

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The right type of SEO is crucial to your success and the success of your site. The internet is not the Wild West that it used to be, where it often seemed like everything and anything could be done to get more traffic. With that traffic now controlled by the largest search engines -- namely, Google -- it's important to follow all of their regulations. Breaking them could get a site deindexed and drastically impact traffic. This may not be permanent, but it can be if the site owner does not fix the issues and get the site indexed again. Even if the issues are eventually rectified, it can cost an enormous amount in exposure, traffic and placement within the search results.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

The information above was relayed from Google’s John Mueller in response to a question about using "black hat" SEO tactics. He was noting that sites are never deindexed permanently and that there are ways to get them indexed again, but only if the site owners take the proper steps to do so. His response also makes it clear that Google will come down hard on sites that are not using proper SEO tactics. This is not something they take lightly. So, what is black hat SEO?

Generally, black hat SEO just means trying to increase rankings through prohibited tactics, often those that are created to trick the system and/or the end user. One of the most common examples is creating a white background and then writing endless lists of keywords, also in white. This hides the keywords from the user but allows the site owner to spam Google with tens of thousands of keywords in an attempt to make the site look incredibly relevant. These keywords may have nothing to do with what the reader was searching for, but the reader can't see them. Only the computer can.

Working with Experts

Do people still do this? Generally not, but it is a tactic that has been used in the past and that is now banned. However, it shows why it's so important to work with experts and be careful about where you get your SEO advice. You may have a well-meaning friend or business partner who just knows your site needs more keywords. They may believe this is a good way to do it, and they may have no idea that doing so can actually get your site deindexed. They think they came up with a way to hack the system. Listening to this type of advice can set you back -- it sometimes takes months for Google to index the site again after you fix it -- even if you never intended to do anything wrong.

You need the right team on your side. You need people who know how to craft the right content without these types of dire mistakes. There are many ways to vastly increase your site traffic without resorting to black hat SEO. Here at Content Customs, we would love to work with you and discuss all of the options you have. Don't risk it. Get the SEO experts on your side.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 18th February, 2021 by Jonathan Schlosser

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