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Why Your Content Isn't Converting

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You can have all of the high quality content in the world and be ranking #1 across the various search engines for your targeted keyword search terms. However, if you are not converting with your content, it is not more valuable than content ranking on the 10th page.

If you have tried everything that you can think of to get more conversions on your content but nothing seems to be working, you might be going about it all wrong. There are three major elements to conversions that you must consider each and every time you draft a new piece of content - trust, value and position.

Tips for Converting Your Content into Improved Page Rankings


It takes a long time to develop trust with your site visitors. The average Internet visitor is bombarded with hundreds of spammy advertisements during their search for a reputable seller. One of the fastest ways to develop trust with visitors is to be honest about your products and services and use real information in your content - or actual verified studies and referrals.

Avoid using statements like "Studies show..." and "Experts agree..." You have to find real studies to support your information or avoid them altogether. Supportive studies or documented evidence can be a powerful sales pitch for conversions - but only if your visitors can trust your information.


How much value is the product or service that you are selling to the visitor? Have you effectively created a need and addressed it with the service you are promoting? Really think about how valuable your service is. If you are having difficulty establishing such value, you have to get creative and come up with some problems to which your product or service is a solution. Next, brainstorm targeted keywords for that issue and do some marketing for those major phrases.

For example, you might be marketing some wort cream that does an average job or removing wort's but also can alleviate burns and itching. If you are not converting for wort removal, try targeting searches for burn or itching relief.


The final element for content conversions is position. Where are you placing your calls to action in your text? Make sure that your calls to action occur after powerful supporting statements - such as those good studies you researched for your content. Look for places that would entice the average person to convert - ignore conventional rules such as every two paragraphs.

When one page is ranking well and getting tons of organic traffic but not converting, experiment with ad placement and call to action position. You never know when one small change can improve your conversion rate drastically.

Mike Quayle

Posted on 30th September, 2010 by Mike Quayle

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