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Work In Your PJ's: Great Online Writing Jobs

online writing jobs

The proliferation of the Internet has created an entirely new industry: online content writing. There are many great online writing jobs that allow you to work in your PJ's from home.

Whether you're interested in journalistic writing, technical reporting or creative blogging, it's possible to find an online writing job aligned with your interests. Most online writing jobs allow you to work from home without worrying about transportation to a workplace or adhering to a dress code. Further, online content writing jobs often allow you to create a work schedule that fits into your personal lifestyle.

The Benefits of Working from Home

The most obvious advantage of obtaining a great online writing job is that you'll be able to work from home when you want, wearing whatever you like. If you're accustomed to jobs in which you must wake up two or more hours before you're scheduled to begin work in order to prepare your appearance and commute, an online writing job may provide a refreshing change of pace.

With an online writing job, you'll be able to start work almost immediately after waking up. This, in turn, can free up more time to spend with your family and friends and lead to increased levels of income for those who reallocate time from preparing for work to actually working.

Online writing jobs are also very easy to fit into an existing schedule. You can pursue an online writing job while attending college courses or even high school, and allocate small blocks of time to online writing in between other obligations. Many individuals work part-time as online writers on top of existing careers as a way of generating additional income or discovering new topics and areas of interest.

Obtaining a Great Online Writing Job

Once you decide that working from home is something you'd like to pursue, it's time to take the necessary steps towards finding a great online writing job. Ask yourself some important questions to determine what type of online writing is best for you. Do you have a strong interest in journalism or technical writing, or do you prefer to write creative pieces that appeal to readers on an emotional level? Are you interested in pursuing an online writing job as a full time career, or would you prefer to start small and write a few articles per week in addition to your current schedule?

Further, what topics are you most interested in? One individual may find it suitable to obtain an online writing position generating content about entertainment and celebrities just 10 hours per week, while another may wish to devote full 40 hour work weeks to writing opinion pieces on current events. Choose a direction and build a suitable portfolio of high quality articles.

At the same time, it is important for aspiring online content writers to be flexible. As you begin your career as an online writer, your employer may ask you to write about topics that you aren't familiar with. These types of tasks will test your researching skills, and are often used by your employer to assess your ability to generate high quality content in a timely manner regardless of subject matter. You may find that a previously unfamiliar topic provides exactly the sort of challenge you're looking for, which may subsequently solidify your career as an online writer.

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Posted on 6th October, 2010 by Mike Quayle

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