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Writing a Video Game Script

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Writing a video game script is quite a large undertaking for most individuals. This is especially true if the game script will be for an expansive fantasy or role playing game. This being said, making the jump from casual fiction writing to script writing should not be taken lightly, even for the seasoned veteran.

One of the most important considerations for video gamers is the story line. If your story line is not innovative and interesting, your script will more than likely fail. We will examine the elements that make for a solid and well written video game script.

Remembering Your Elements

Remember that, in order for a video game script to be accepted, it must contain all of the elements of the video game - not just the in game text. For example, you will need to include instructions on player actions, on screen appearance, the goals of each screen (find hidden door, locate item, etc.), specific items/NPCs (non-playable characters) and the text that will appear.

This is why writing a video game script is challenging - you have to consider all of the elements that will go in to the final product. Include instructions on the tone or style of music that will be played and any actions that will initiate cut scenes - including the script of those cut scenes.

Your script will be the blueprint that all other people involved in making the video game will use to do their jobs. In general, the more instructions that you include - the better your script will be received and the more likely you will be to have your script accepted. Writing a video game script is not much different than writing a movie.

If you have any visual elements that are difficult to express in words or would take up too much space, feel free to include some space for a small sketch under each entry. You don’t have to create a work of art. Even just drawing some of the elements of a game screen can save you valuable time and space.

Creating Your Video Game Story

It is always easier to write a video game script if you design the entire world and history (or the most important elements) along with your snapshot of a game. This will help a great deal with your character development. Your characters must function within your world fluidly and make sense.

For example, if you have a frog character on a space station, you had better be prepared to explain how he got there with your story. If you have an especially heartless character, use some time to highlight his motives or shroud him in mystery. There is some power in secrecy but keeping your audience too much in the dark can be distracting and boring.

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Posted on 4th February, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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