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Yahoo and Bing are More Popular Among IE Users

yahoo and bing

A new study published by Chitika Insights indicates that Yahoo and Bing search engines are more popular among users of Internet Explorer than users of any other browser, including Safari, Opera, Chrome and Firefox.

In order to collect their data, Chitika analyzed advertising impressions numbering in the hundreds of millions based out of the Chitika Ad network in early August of 2012. All of the advertising impressions originated from Canada and the United States, so the data doesn't necessarily hold on a global scale.

Comparing Search Market Share by Browser

On Internet Explorer in particular, just 53.1% of searches are conducted using Google. Compare that with 78.5% for Firefox, 85.5% for Safari, 90.5% for Chrome and a whopping 95.5% for Opera.

Further, the data shows that Yahoo holds 19.1% of search market share on IE, compared with 13.2% for Firefox, 9.6% for Safari, 5% for Chrome and just 3.2% for Opera.

Bing makes a good showing on Internet Explorer as well, perhaps indicating some sort of continuing Microsoft loyalty with IE fans (or the fact that IE uses Bing to search by default), holding 22.5% of search market share. Compare that with tiny percentages for the rest: 5.3% for Firefox, 2.9% for Safari, 2.7% for Chrome and 1.1% for Opera.

Overall, when counting all the browsers together, Chitika found 74.71% of searches coming from Google, compared to 12.32% for Yahoo, 9.74% for Bing, 1.74% for Ask.com and 1.49% for everything else.

The Most Popular Search Engines Today

Google is hugely dominant on Opera, not to mention hugely dominant overall, but that means little when you consider that so few people use Opera in comparison to other browsers. In the U.S. alone, Internet Explorer is still the most popular web browser with between 41% and 54% (based on data from StatCounter and NetMarketShare, respectively.

However, the data shifts considerably when looked at on a global scale, also according to StatCounter. The numbers look like this:

  • Chrome: 33.81%
  • Internet Explorer: 32.04%
  • Firefox: 23.73%
  • Safari: 7.12%
  • Opera: 1.72%
  • All others: 1.58%
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Posted on 30th August, 2012 by Ryan Lundin

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