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Yahoo Cutting Seven Services


The ability for employees to work from home is not the only thing CEO Marissa Mayer is getting rid of at Yahoo. According to a post on the Official Yahoo Blog entitled "Focusing on our future - some changes to our product line-up," Yahoo will be cutting seven services from its offerings, including some that SEO'ers might miss quite a bit.

The service cuts are apparently in line with Mayer's recent announcement that Yahoo will concentrate their focus primarily on services that individuals place a higher level of importance on and use with a higher rate of frequency.

Say Goodbye to Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Clues

The first service that will get cut on April 1st is Yahoo App Search. The service is actually quite useful for people with mobile devices across multiple platforms, as it allows you to enter a single search term to find apps for both Android and iPhone. Apps are divided into categories, unsurprisingly. Not a huge deal for search marketers and site owners, but a loss for some consumers, to be sure.

The next item up for removal from Yahoo's offerings is Yahoo Clues, which came about back in 2010. Clues has served as a keyword research implement since then, though it hasn't received a whole lot of use despite positive reviews. Clues displays a handy graph of searches over time, and breaks those searches down according to gender, age groups and locations. It's a shame to see this one go, especially for those who target Yahoo with their search marketing efforts.

Five More Getting Cut Too

The last item slated for extinction is the Yahoo Updates API, which will disappear on April 16th. However, four additional apps will go the way of the dodo on April 1st along with Clues and App Search:

  • Yahoo Message Boards, though separate Yahoo sites such as Yahoo Finance will retain their own active message boards
  • Yahoo Sports IQ
  • Yahoo Avatars
  • Yahoo Blackberry App

Will you miss these services, or are most of them ones that you have never heard of or ones that you never use anyway? If you have the time, please let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Lundin

Posted on 7th March, 2013 by Ryan Lundin

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