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YouTube Updates Homepage with a Variety of Sleek New Features for Desktop Users

YouTube homepage

As video content becomes more popular and accessible among users, industry leaders such as YouTube continually seek new avenues to enhance the user experience. In a recent announcement, YouTube discussed a forthcoming overhaul of its homepage for desktop users as well as consumers accessing videos via iPad and Android tablets.

The retooled homepage delivers a wide range of upgraded features. These enhancements not only offer some much-needed cosmetic changes, but also unlock several new functions. YouTube hopes that this update, which was months in the making, will improve the user experience.

Key Features of YouTube’s New Homepage Design

YouTube listened carefully to recent feedback and incorporated a wide range of cosmetic updates and new features to improve the user experience. Some of the most significant enhancements include:

  • Longer, more detailed, video titles
  • Larger, richer video thumbnails
  • High-resolution video preview functions

YouTube also plans to deliver new icons below video recommendations on the homepage to make it easier for users to locate their favorite content creators.

New Tools to Add Videos to Your Viewing Queue

In addition to the improvements above, YouTube will introduce a new option that allows desktop users to build a viewing queue. With this function a user can quickly select video content to watch next without interrupting the current video they are viewing. Although this queue clears automatically when the browser closes, viewers can add videos to a permanent “Watch Later” list.

Benefits for Small Businesses and Future Updates

Small businesses could capitalize on this and future updates by paying close attention to making their videos easily discoverable. To do this, startups should be sure to write actionable, engaging content descriptions and utilize accurate titles and metatags. Looking ahead to the next iteration of updates, YouTube indicates they may incorporate a tool allowing users to further refine their homepage by selecting topics of interest.

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Posted on 12th November, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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