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eBook Writing Services

eBook Writing Services

Anybody can have a great idea for an eBook. However, not everybody has the time, resources or writing skills to actually create an eBook themselves. This is where our eBook writing services come in. An eBook is long-form piece of content that typically covers several different aspects of a core topic or subject. eBooks are distributed in a convenient digital format that can reach a wide audience through smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and any other digital device.

Our eBook writing services are performed by skilled writers that have expertise in many different topics, meaning that your eBook will be authoritative, logically organized and extremely valuable to your readers.

eBooks can be incredibly effective for businesses from a content marketing standpoint. An eBook can attract a lot of attention and traffic to your business, as well as provide passive income when it's sold directly to customers through your site or vendors such as Amazon. For example, a company that sells golf equipment could gain tons of traffic by offering free downloads of a high-quality eBook that promises to improve the reader's golf swing. The company could also choose to generate revenue by selling the eBook directly on their site.

eBook Writing Service Details

eBooks can range from just a few thousand words to hundreds of pages. Your eBook will most likely fall somewhere in between. We'll be happy to work with you to determine an appropriate length based on factors such as subject matter, scope and depth of research.

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Key Points

Price Point: $0.08/word
Turnaround: Negotiated
Delivery: Variable
Platforms/Browsers: All
Format: Variable

If you only have the beginnings of an idea for an eBook, our eBook writing services can help you expand it into something worthy of a long-form exploration. Alternatively, you can also come to us with a full outline of the information you'd like presented. Either way, Content Customs has you covered.

Your eBook will have a professional layout complete with a cover page, table of contents, chapters, subheadings, stylized text, images and a bibliography. Any of these elements can be omitted as well if you wish. eBooks are typically delivered in .PDF format, but you can choose any other format you'd like.

Because eBooks vary so much in length and depth of research, their turnaround time can be highly variable as well. We'll work with you to determine a delivery date that aligns with your business goals and gives our eBook writers time to create the highest quality content possible.

Our eBook writing services come with unlimited revisions. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your eBook, we'll make the necessary changes quickly and allow you to review them for your approval. Content Customs maintains a 100% customer satisfaction rate due in part to this policy.

Our eBook writers have completed informative, effective eBooks on a wide variety of topics. Whether you need a simple eBook explaining the difference between a credit card and a debit card or an in-depth guide explaining how credit ratings are determined, our eBook writing services will help you accomplish your goals.

eBook Writers Process

The eBook writing process begins with your individual project manager, who will help you define the details of your eBook. We'll create a price estimate based on factors such as estimated length, design and layout. If it's your first time ordering a project from Content Customs, you'll be asked to make a 50% deposit before we begin creating your eBook. This only applies to first-time customers. Much like with our article writing services, repeat customers are never obligated to make a deposit.

The next step in our eBook writing service involves passing your project to a dedicated writer or team of writers, all of whom are based in the United States and have experience writing long-form content. Each writer reviews your provided material and conducts their own extensive research to prepare an outline for your eBook. This outline will be provided to you for your approval before writing begins.

After the eBook writers have finished drafting your content, it is sent to our editing team to be thoroughly checked for errors and adherence to the guidelines you established with your project manager. Finally, your project manager reviews the finished eBook to make absolutely sure that everything is in order. The thorough editing process in our eBook writing services is one of the many ways Content Customs stands out from our competition.

From the moment you first pitch your eBook idea to a project manager, Content Customs operates under a non-disclosure agreement. This means that we will not, for any reason, reuse your material or discuss it with anyone outside of the company. Even if you ultimately decide not to use our services, you are 100% protected from material exposure.

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Our dedicated eBook writers and designers are ready to provide you with a high-quality eBook that will help you accomplish your business goals. Contact us today by clicking the button below, using our live chat, or giving us a call at 1-888-475-2215.

Rates for our eBook writing services begin at $0.08 per word.