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Keyword Research Services

Keyword Research Services

The most important element for ranking highly within search engine results is high-quality content. At the same time, it's advantageous for your content to include popular, relevant words and phrases that people search for on a regular basis. Having these terms placed strategically throughout your site allows you to rank competitively for them in search engine results.

At Content Customs, we perform keyword research that goes far beyond simply identifying which keywords your website should be targeting. In addition to creating a detailed keyword research portfolio for your site, we can help you analyze the data to determine an SEO strategy that encourages rank growth and avoids black hat tactics.

Our experts will prepare a fully detailed keyword research report based on your website's content, the level of competition within your niche, and the traffic goals you hope to achieve. We can prepare a detailed report if you don't yet have a website. Doing keyword research before a site goes live can allow it to be created with a competitive edge right from the beginning.

What You'll Get In Your Keyword Research Report

You can expect to get hundreds of relevant keyword possibilities in each report. We can then help you identify specific keywords that would be beneficial to include on your site using metrics such as:

  • The number of monthly searches for each keyword
  • The competition level for each keyword
  • Your site's current search engine rankings
  • Your competitors' keyword strategies

You can then use these keywords on your site to promote an increase in your rankings and, hopefully, an increase in visibility and profits. Content Customs will never generate or suggest keywords that are irrelevant to your industry to "game" search engine results. We will also never engage in unethical strategies such as keyword stuffing or cloaking.

As a bonus to web developers that request a keyword research report, we can also generate relevant and valuable content ideas for targeting the top keywords in the report. We can then create simple and effective content guidelines that can be followed by your own copywriters, or you can choose to have our content writers create the content for you.

Keyword Research For PPC Campaigns

Apart from your own site's content, you may need help deciding on keywords to target in a Google AdWords campaign. As AdWords allows thousands of keywords to be targeted at any one time, it can be extremely difficult to decide which ones will attract the most traffic and lead to the most conversions. While different experts have different AdWords strategies, it's widely considered best to only target around 20 keywords per ad group.

Our Google AdWords experts can help you determine keywords that will be most effective for getting your ads into top positions. We do this by finding keywords that have both relatively high search volumes and relatively low competition levels. We then implement strategies such as exact match targeting and negative keywords to make sure you're getting the most valuable clicks possible to your site.

Of course, Google has tools available within AdWords to complete this work yourself. However, keyword research can be incredibly time-consuming, confusing, and overwhelming to those unfamiliar with AdWords, Bing Ads, and other pay-per-click services that rely on keywords to display ads. Paying for such a campaign without expert guidance can end up being an ineffective waste of resources. It's also very likely that you'll miss out on many lesser-known and incredibly useful features within each of these complicated services.

To get the most out of your AdWords campaign, leave your keyword research to the highly-skilled SEO professionals at Content Customs instead.

Allow Us To Perform A Keyword Analysis On Your Website Today!

Our dedicated keyword research specialists will identify strong keyword targets for your business and website, as well as assist you in finding ways to leverage these keywords for your SEO efforts. A proper keyword analysis is vital for ensuring your site gets visibility in search engine results.

Rates for our keyword research services begin at $105.00 per report.