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Link Building Services

Link Building Services

Websites that want to rank highly in search engines must have plenty of other sites linking to them. A large and varied backlink profile is absolutely essential for ranking highly, as it's one of the most important things that search engines look for. Anytime someone links to your site, they're essentially casting a "vote" that reflects the quality and value they've found in it.

At the same time, link building services, like all SEO and internet marketing strategies, are constantly changing. Strategies that at one time were considered acceptable and effective are now considered unethical and are grounds for penalization from search engines. Simply put, brands cannot artificially create backlinks through link schemes or other questionable techniques.

Instead, link building services must involve earning links by having valuable, interesting content on your site. Content Customs understands that creating high-quality content is the best and most ethical way to "build" links and grow your site's visibility.

Of course, nobody is going to link your great content if they don't know that it exists. That's why the link building services at Content Customs involve marketing techniques that get your content in front of people who will find value in it and who are likely to link to it on their own sites. Whether you call it content marketing or link earning, the basic idea is the same: create linkable content, market it to the right people, keep the process going and refine the approach as links start to come in.

This is the best and most ethical way to conduct link building services. Companies that promise a specific number of links within a certain timeframe are likely not using this organic approach and therefore raise your risk of being penalized. Why risk plummeting in the search engine rankings with outdated and unethical processes?

Link Building Through Content

The first step in our link building services involves a consultation with a dedicated project manager who will work with you to devise a content strategy that attracts links. This may also involve the creation of social media profiles or a blog. We'll then generate targeted, highly linkable content. While the type of content we can create for a link building campaign varies, we often generate popular content types such as interviews, how-to guides, skyscraper content, or lists. We'll then help you promote your content through various marketing channels. We'll also monitor, track and report any new inbound links that come your way.

Content Customs works with a variety of different sites that all have different goals and conduct business in different industries. We understand that every site will need a different strategy, and you can be assured that you'll receive an entirely unique link building plan that's relevant to your niche and goals.

We Will Never:

  • Buy links
  • Use spam blog comments or forum posts
  • Submit to article directories
  • Arrange link schemes with other sites
  • Work with link farms

We Will Always:

  • Attract organic links through high-quality content and promotion
  • Keep your campaign slow and natural
  • Provide ongoing, detailed reports of our progress

One of the most important things to understand about link building is that it is not a quick process. Proper organic link building takes a significant amount of time and effort. If links come to your website too quickly, search engines may penalize your site for engaging in what looks like unnatural, black hat tactics.

Other Types of Link Building

Simply creating content and promoting it around the web is the best way to build links, but there are other ethical and effective strategies to take part in. The SEO experts at Content Customs can also engage in broken link building, in which we identify broken links on high-ranking, relevant pages and contact the webmaster to link to your site instead. We can also contact other sites that have mentioned your brand or used one of your original images to provide links that give you credit. In addition, our SEO team is well-versed in reclaiming and redirecting any links to your site that currently lead users to 404 errors.

Of course, there are many more possibilities when it comes to earning links for your site. Content Customs can use a combination of different creative strategies to devise an effective and unique link building plan that meets your goals.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our link building services. A dedicated SEO service representative will be happy to discuss different link building options and how they could benefit your website. Let us help you grow your website traffic and search engine rankings using a variety of ethical, white hat strategies.

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