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Press Release Writing Services

Press Release Writing Services

Whether you're introducing a new product line, holding a sale, or entering a new market, issuing a press release is an ideal way of broadcasting company announcements to the world. A press release is a simple and affordable way to keep your current and prospective clients in touch with your business. News organizations and high-profile blogs base many of their stories on press releases, which leads to increased exposure for your company.

At Content Customs, we employ a team of specially trained press release writers that have written hundreds of successful and newsworthy press releases, all of which were well received and accomplished their intended business goals. Our writers take a professional, detailed approach to each press release they create.

Press Release Writing Service Details

Our press release writing services are completed in as little as 24 hours so that your time-sensitive announcements are broadcast to the world as quickly as possible. Press releases can be delivered in whatever format you choose. For example, many of our clients like to have their press releases delivered as .doc files, but you can also have them delivered as .txt, .pdf or any other format.

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Price Point: $85
Turnaround: 1 Day
Formatting: PRWeb
Delivery: Variable
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At Content Customs, you can choose your level of involvement. For instance, you can provide us with your own personal quotes and detailed information about your news announcement, or we can generate a press release based on as little as a link to your new product line.

Typical press releases are 500 to 700 words long, but we can make them longer or shorter depending on your requirements. Our press release writers can handle an order of any size, whether it's a single press release, multiple releases or an ongoing order. We'll ensure that your news is always distributed at the ideal time.

Also, you don't necessarily need to have a web presence to benefit from a press release that's distributed on the internet. We've written press releases for a wide variety of different companies, both internet-based and brick-and-mortar, and we're comfortable writing for any industry.

Our Press Release Writers Process

When you place your order, you can discuss your press release with one of our project managers to determine the information you'd like to include. We'll create a catchy headline for the press release based on your announcement. Also, the project manager will provide you with a completion date to ensure your announcement is published as soon as possible.

Only the most experienced writers with journalism and news backgrounds are assigned to handle press releases. They can perform extensive research on topics relevant to your announcement to ensure your news is delivered with an authoritative, expert voice. They'll also create the document using the standard press release format widely accepted by PRWeb and other press release publishers. Our press release writers will make sure to include the following elements:

  • An engaging headline that grabs your audience's attention
  • A summary paragraph that encourages reading the entire press release
  • A properly placed link to your site within the text
  • A powerful call-to-action to end the body of the text
  • A descriptive About Us section to increase credibility and trust
  • Detailed contact information
  • Keywords that promote visibility in search engines

Once your press release is written, the remaining process is similar to the steps taken in all our other content writing services. An editor checks the press release for errors and ensures that it adheres to your instructions. It's then forwarded to your project manager, who gives it the final check before delivering it to you in any format that you wish.

Allow Us To Create Your Unique Press Releases Today!

Our dedicated press release writers will get you the publicity you're looking for. You can receive your high-quality, unique press release in as little as 24 hours. Contact us today by clicking the button below, using our live chat or calling us at 1-888-475-2215 to see how we can create a press release that gets you attention and boosts your business.

We charge a rate of $85.00 per press release.