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Our Refer a Friend Referral Program

Our Refer a Friend Referral Program

Looking to earn some referral bucks to save on content generation, SEO or marketing of your website, or design or development of your existing or new website?

At Content Customs we appreciate our clients and would like to offer you referral bucks as our way of saying thank you for referring a friend or colleague to us. In addition, by doing so, the individual or colleague you refer to us will receive a 5% discount on their initial work order with us.

Refer enough of your friends and colleagues, and you just may just earn enough "bonus bucks" to receive your entire order for free. In addition, if you would like you can even save up your "bonus bucks" and cash them in later if you would like. In fact, we will honor your referral points for up to one year from the completion date of the work performed for your referral.

Basic Referral Program

Below is just an example of how much you could save under our basic referral program:

  • 500 Word Article: Save $1.50
  • 600 Word Blog Post: Save $1.80
  • Press Release: Save $4.25
  • Premium Link: Save $10.75
  • 10,000 Word eBook: Save $40.00

In addition, please note that you are free to apply your "bonus bucks" to any service we provide on our website or it you choose to participate in one of our longer term packages, you can apply your credits towards your first installment.

Diamond Gears Referral Program

Refer a friend or colleague that requests a minimum of $1,000.00 worth of work and automatically qualify for our Diamond Gears referral program and receive the following "bonus bucks":

  • $1,000 to $2,499.99: 10.00% referral bonus of $100.00 to $249.99
  • $2,500 to $4,999.99: 12.50% referral bonus of $312.50 to $624.00
  • $5,000 to $9,999.99: 15.00% referral bonus of $750.00 to $1,499.99
  • $10,000 or more: 17.50% referral bonus of $1,750.00 and up

If you know someone that you would like to introduce to us right away or have any questions about our referral program, please feel free to fill out our referral form below or contact us at your convenience.

Terms and Conditions

Below are a list of the terms and conditions of our referral program:

  1. Referral compensation reimbursement valid for 1 year after completion of referral work project.
  2. Referral money is issued once referral client's order is completed and paid in full.
  3. Referral compensation amount can not be used or combined with any other promotion.
  4. Referral client can not be an existing, past or present, client of content Customs.
  5. Referral compensation is valid only on referral clients initial work order.
  6. Referral compensation can be used in part, or full, and in any combination that individual deems applicable across any of our services as long as it is within the valid time period (1 year).

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