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Examples of Our eBook Writing Services

Examples of Our eBook Writing Services

Ever wonder how some famous people ever have time to write their autobiographies or publish nonfiction on a regular basis? More often than you might think, they utilize the services of a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter creates a written piece of work without demanding credit for it -- instead surrendering all rights and claims to the writing to the individual that ordered it. Even Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis ghostwrote "Tennis As I Play It" (credited to Maurice McLoughlin) 15 years prior to winning his prize for literature.

An eBook is simply an electronic book; a digital resource that website owners or online entrepreneurs use for a variety of purposes:

  • As a free gift to entice website visitors to sign up for an email newsletter.
  • To offer additional information to visitors.
  • To sell at an eBook outlet store like eBooks.com, Google Play, or Kobo.

Our eBooks make up a large percentage of our orders, and we use specialized ghostwriters and content curators on each eBook we handle, big or small.

Custom eBook Examples

In addition to the actual content (delivered in the format you choose, usually .pdf or .doc), we also format and take on small design tasks to make your eBook stand out. Finally, we have designers available to work on a cover or illustrations for your book.

Check out some of our recent eBook orders to get an idea of how we approach eBooks for real clients just like you, or contact us anytime for more information.