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Examples of Our Keyword Research Services

Examples of Our Keyword Research Services

One of the most important tasks in SEO - and often the first thing an organic search marketer will do - is perform keyword research. Keyword research involves analyzing the words customers use in search engines to find your products and services, as well as techniques for targeting those keywords.

There are many common mistakes you can avoid by trusting Content Customs with your keyword research. For example, some keywords may look enticing with millions of searches per month, but they may fall flat if they don't do the following:

  1. Accurately describe your website, content, services, and products
  2. Include phrases that target visitors who are most likely to convert
  3. Work as part of a larger marketing strategy

Without proper keyword research, you could invest thousands of dollars targeting keywords that may be too competitive to ever give you a return on your investment. Content Customs will help you avoid costly errors by determining the best keywords for optimizing your content.

Keyword Research Examples

A keyword research report is an extensive look at the keywords you should be targeting, even if you don't yet have a website. During the creation of your new site, we'll help you plan your content by finding the best keywords to target in your industry. If you already have a website, we'll examine your existing keyword strategy and help you improve it.

You'll find a few samples of what you can expect to receive in a keyword research report from Content Customs below. Please contact us for more information.

Allow Us To Perform A Keyword Analysis On Your Website Today!

Our SEO specialists will identify strong keywords to target in your content and help you properly implement these keywords on your site. Contact us today for more information.

Rates for our keyword research services begin at $105.00 per report.