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Examples of Our Press Release Writing Services

Examples of Our Press Release Writing Services

Many webmasters forget about press releases; still others accuse press releases of no longer being part of a relevant online marketing strategy. But when written and published properly, press releases can be moneymaking machines.

Larger companies quite often pay up to $5,000 for a single press release (not including distribution which can cost up to $18,000). Luckily, Content Customs offers high quality press releases at a fraction of that price, while still giving you a press release worthy of distribution on even the most critically edited distribution sites.

One of the best things about a press release is its link building potential. You'll typically get one or two links back to your site from each press release you distribute, from each site on which it appears. Distribution sites like PRWeb.com submit press releases to major news outlets like The Associated Press and Scottrade (depending on the package you choose). Ignoring the exposure your message will get on these sites, think about all of the juicy links a single press release nets you.

Custom Press Release Examples

At Content Customs, we take a great deal of pride in our press releases and have professional press release writers ready to help you spread your message across the web. Our low price helps small businesses compete against major retailers without sacrificing quality.

Below are some examples of our most recent press releases to give you an idea of what a press release looks like from Content Customs' point of view. If you still have questions or would like to start an order immediately, don't hesitate to contact us or submit your free quote today.