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Examples of Our Website Analysis Services

Examples of Our Website Analysis Services

You've set up your website, added a ton of content, and built some high-quality links. So where are all the visitors? Why are the visitors you get leaving your site after only a few seconds?

There could be many things going on that are hard to catch. Maybe visitors are coming to your site through strange keywords that don't really describe your site at all.

At this moment, Adobe.com ranks #1 for the keyword phrase "click here" for example. How much business do you think they actually get from that phrase, even though they rank at the top of search engines?

A website analysis from Content Customs helps you find out what problems your site has that could be keeping it out of search engines, or not giving visitors what they expect from your site. We'll check how good your site looks in multiple browsers and operating systems first, then move on to examine other important aspects like:

  • Your link profile.
  • Your site's traffic, or lack thereof.
  • Where people are talking about your business online (social media, news, blogging, etc.).
  • How your site functions from an SEO standpoint; are there any issues keeping search engines from crawling your content properly and giving you the rankings you deserve?

A website analysis is like an oil change -- we identify any obvious problems with your website while performing a few basic maintenance tasks to help keep your site running properly. That's right. At Content Customs, we don't just deliver the report, we take care of some simple tasks that will help your site improve from an SEO standpoint right away.

Website Analysis Examples

Some companies charge thousands of dollars for a website analysis, but we are proud to offer a similar service at a fraction of that cost. We keep our prices low to help other small businesses compete in a saturated online marketplace. Spending a little over $100 now can help you earn exponentially more in the future.

We have included a few pages from a sample website analysis report below to help you get an idea of how we structure our reports. If you want this same information for your site, or still have some questions that need to be answered, please contact us for more information or to get started.