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SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting Services

What is SEO copywriting? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making sure that your site pages rank highly within search engine results. SEO methods have changed considerably over time and continue to evolve on a daily basis. One of the primary objectives of SEO copywriting is to understand how search engines such as Google and Bing rank the sites they display in their results - the algorithms used are never disclosed publicly.

Despite the ever-evolving nature of SEO, one thing always remains the same: high-quality content that is unique, timely and valuable to readers will always rank highest in search engines. SEO copywriting involves creating content with this principle at the forefront.

Of course, there are many methods that can be used to boost the rankings of your site pages beyond creating unique, authoritative, relevant content. One popular SEO technique involves focusing on keywords. Keywords, put simply, are phrases that people type into search engines. If these phrases are present in your site's content, you'll be much more likely to show up in search results and get targeted traffic to your site. Keyword placement, keyword variation, key phrases in titles, and keywords in meta information are all important aspects of this SEO technique.

Our SEO copywriters are trained to write content with both search engines and actual readers in mind. They understand how to write SEO content without sacrificing readability, factual accuracy or informational value. There's no additional charge for implementing SEO techniques while creating your content.

SEO Copywriting Service Details: Black Hat vs. White Hat

Search engine optimization techniques typically fall into one of two categories: white hat and black hat. Black hat SEO techniques are so-called because they focus on "gaming" the system in order to yield quick results with very little work. Just a few of these types of strategies include:

  • Drastic overuse of certain keyword phrases (sometimes referred to as keyword stuffing)
  • Hiding content so that search engines see it but users do not
  • Copying text from other sites (known as duplicate content)
  • Meta info that does not match the onpage content

Although these techniques might deliver increased traffic initially, search engines have explicit rules against black hat SEO methods. Sites that use them often plummet in search rankings or even get de-listed completely. SEO copywriting services at Content Customs never involve black hat techniques.

At a Glance: SEO Writing

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Instead, we rely only on white hat strategies that encourage high search engine rankings without breaking any rules or creating low-quality content. Although these techniques require more work and creativity initially, they pay off in the long run by fostering ongoing traffic and establishing your site as a reliable authority in its field.

One of the most effective SEO techniques we use involves logical and ethical keyword research. First, we determine keyword phrases that will bring you high-volume, targeted traffic.

Then, we ensure that those keywords appear in high-quality content on your site with appropriate density and placement. If you have any specific keywords you know you'd like to target, we'll research the potential effectiveness of those as well.

Other white hat SEO strategies that we use include:

  • Ensuring that content is visually scannable with appropriate paragraph breaks, subheadings and lists
  • Using meta info that is relevant and appealing
  • Writing content that is truly valuable to readers
  • Creating content that encourages backlinks and shares on social media

Our SEO copywriting services can apply to your existing site content as well as to any new content you desire. If you're mostly happy with the content you have on your site already but wish it would rank more highly in search engines, our SEO copywriters are very experienced with editing existing content for SEO.

The principles of SEO writing can be applied to our article writing services and blog writing services free of charge. You can choose to have your SEO content delivered in any format that you'd like, including .txt, .pdf and .doc. Turnaround times vary depending on the size of the project, and we can work with you to create a delivery schedule that meets your needs.

SEO Copywriters Process

The SEO copywriting process begins with your dedicated project manager - your primary contact who can help you discover exactly what you need in order to accomplish your business goals. For example, you might know that you need several pages of content about dog grooming, but you might not know which keywords to include to rank highly in search engine results. Your project manager can perform keyword research to determine an ideal set of keywords to include in your content.

Following the keyword research and any other SEO considerations you discuss with the project manager, your content will be assigned to our professional SEO copywriters. They will adhere to your guidelines and integrate your preferences while writing your SEO content. All of our writers are well-versed in SEO copywriting services, are based in the United States, and speak English as their primary language.

Once the writing is complete, our team of editors will check the content for grammar, spelling, adherence to guidelines, natural keyword density, and other SEO aspects. Not all content companies take this final step to ensure that your SEO content is professional and 100% ready to publish. The editors will then send the content to the project manager, who will give it a final check and send it to you for your approval.

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In as little as 24 hours, you can receive your first unique, high-quality SEO article or blog post. We also offer an optional uploading service to make the process completely streamlined. Contact us by clicking the button below, using our live chat or calling us at 1-888-475-2215.

Rates for our SEO copywriting services begin at $0.06 per word.