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Webinar Generation Services

Webinar Generation Services

One of the most lucrative ways to both drive traffic to your website and market your products and services is to create professional, informative webinars. Useful on social media, blogs, and your own product or service pages, webinars are excellent for delivering your message to customers quickly and efficiently.

There's no doubt that video is the fastest growing digital content type, and your business will certainly benefit by adding webinars to your overall content strategy. Professional webinars are an excellent way to not only sell products, but subscription services as well. In fact, having video on your landing pages can increase conversions by 86 percent.

Why Use Webinars as a Marketing Strategy?

Webinars have the power to engage your customers and reach them in a way that's simply not possible using traditional marketing methods. Consider your current marketing efforts. If you rely solely on your website to make sales, you probably see about a two percent conversion rate - that's a lot of work for such a small return. If you use email marketing, you may have noticed that the majority of your emails never even reach your customers' inboxes. Internet users have become quite savvy when dealing with marketing messages, and they can detect a sales pitch from a mile away.

On the other hand, webinars (especially live ones) reach customers in a way they want to be reached - by providing valuable information above and beyond typical website copy in an easy-to-digest way. With the Content Customs approach to webinar creation, you can order any number of detailed, targeted, and immensely valuable webinars to help reach your audience using video. While webinar creation on your own can be an expensive and time-consuming task, Content Customs has the tools and staff to create webinars quickly and professionally at an affordable price.

How Content Customs Creates Webinars

Our step-by-step process is designed to create a valuable, multi-purpose webinar in any industry. We can even design our webinars to cater to live audiences, allowing you to present your products or services in a real-time format. Anything we create can then be marketed through several different channels to directly increase your ROI using a single video.

Step 1 - Creating Your Video

Content Customs will create a professional, entirely unique video using state-of-the-art software. The exact type of video depends on your business model and overall message. For example, a power-point presentation might be more appropriate for your business if you have a great deal of technical information to pass on to your viewers.

On the other hand, a more personable webcam video might be better suited for casual audiences. We'll work directly with you to determine the message your video needs to deliver and how best to format it. We'll also discuss whether or not you'd like to present the webinar in a live format. If you would, we'll help you create an effective presentation schedule and devise a plan for generating live attendees.

Step 2 - Creating a Landing Page

Content Customs will also work with you to create a perfect landing page on which to host your webinar. We'll create a 100% custom landing page for you that meets all your design and marketing needs, including a description of the webinar and an email opt-in if desired. If you're not sure which design elements will attract more viewers and sales, we can use a split-testing model where different versions of your landing page will display to different audiences. We'll then track each page's performance and deliver a report on which page converted more efficiently.

Step 3 - Configuring Your Webinar Playback

One of the last steps in the webinar creation process is configuring how your webinar operates. For example, if a visitor arrives at your live webinar page early, they can be greeted with a countdown to when the webinar will take place. You can also elect to include a live chat system on the webinar page where you can answer your viewers' questions in real time and allow attendees to interact with each other.

Hundreds of Marketing Features in One Product

Webinar creation services from Content Customs offer a fully customizable, professional, and turnkey solution to your video marketing needs. Just some of the other features we can provide include:

  • Live streaming on Facebook and/or YouTube
  • Multiple email reminders to your live attendees
  • Embedded calls-to-action and download links
  • Automatic emails to registrants who miss the live webinar so they can watch the video later on your site

Webinars can open up an entirely new marketing channel to just about any business. If you're still not sure that webinars could be an effective marketing strategy for your brand, feel free to contact us and speak with a dedicated marketing professional who can help you determine how you could benefit from adding video to your site.

Request Our Webinar Generation Services Today!

Webinars are among the most effective marketing strategies today, and hosting live webinars on your website or social media is a great way to generate traffic and set up a passive income stream. Let Content Customs help you design and implement fully customized webinars for your products and services today.

Please contact us to discuss the rates for webinar creation.