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White Paper Writing Services

White Paper Writing Services

At Content Customs, we understand the value of a well-written, detailed white paper. Virtually any company operating within the business-to-business (B2B) sphere can benefit greatly from using white papers.

Many businesses utilize white papers to support their customer lead generation efforts, establish their business as a thought leader within their specific industry, and build their list of email subscribers.

In addition, if your white papers truly bring something original to the table, you can even monetize them directly by selling copies on your website.

Whether your business goals involve increasing your exposure through content marketing or convincing another business to purchase your products or services, our white paper writing services are designed to meet all your marketing requirements.

Think You Don't Need a White Paper?

If you're not convinced that white papers can lead to increases in sales and greater revenue, check out the results from a Business.com report that surveyed over 500 pay-per-lead advertisers. Among industries as varied as credit card processing, telecommunications, financial services and marketing, over 50 percent of survey respondents stated that white papers were "valuable" or "extremely valuable" for getting leads. In fact, white papers ranked above sponsored email, product feature guides, webinars and even video as a method of quality lead generation.

For a specific success story, consider the case of Vircom, an anti-spam and email security software company from Canada. Their now-famous white paper, "Why Spammers Spam," got so much traffic when it was released that Vircom thought they might be the victim of a DoS attack. Eventually, the white paper led to 21 sales estimated at around $96,500. It also generated a ton of buzz, leading to over 2,000 downloads and major media coverage.

What Exactly Is A White Paper?

White papers have been used by business-to-business marketers for decades. Originally, white papers were used to quickly brief busy executives on a solution to a troublesome business problem. White papers serve a similar function today, and they usually recommend a specific product or service as the solution.

Essentially, white papers are thorough, detailed, authoritative documents that often describe how a specific vendor is the best choice for addressing a problem. Alternatively, some white papers simply investigate a specific industry-related issue that many people will be interested in.

"Why Spammers Spam" is a great example of this - it doesn't necessarily suggest that Vircom could solve a company's spam issues, but it's interesting enough to be a smash hit from a content marketing perspective. Basically, white papers are not a sales pitch; instead, they provide case studies, research and real data that often show how effective a product or service can be.

These days, white papers are almost exclusively viewed in PDF format. Because they're a multi-page digital document, they're often confused with eBooks. However, eBooks and white papers are not identical. White papers are usually much more concise, detailed and formal than a typical eBook. White papers usually cover just one topic in a very in-depth, focused and persuasive way. Check out this post from our blog to see more about how white papers are different from eBooks.

White Paper Writing Service Details

Content Customs white paper writers will provide you with a finished product made up of concise, detailed and convincing prose in a sleek, well-designed digital document. The best white papers are only as long as is appropriate for the target audience. They inform and teach the reader about a topic without being long-winded or overly salesy. This is what we strive for in every white paper project.

At a Glance: White Paper Writing

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Our writers are well versed in efficiently conducting the copious amount of research required to construct a high-quality white paper.

At the same time, we encourage our clients to provide us with as much supporting data and background information as possible in order for us to truly exceed expectations. Just like with our eBook writing services, customers are entitled to revisions and a 100% money-back guarantee.

As with all the services that we provide here at Content Customs, we will never re-use or discuss your research information with anyone.

Even if you eventually decide against continuing your white paper project with us, our non-disclosure agreement ensures that any work we've completed for you remains confidential. In fact, all forms of content that we create for our clients, from general website content to blog posts, press releases and eBooks, are protected and kept private.

White Paper Writers Process

The white paper writing process begins with your dedicated project manager. You'll discuss the topic, format, goals, turnaround time and any other issues with the project manager, who will be there to guide you through the process at every step. Project managers are easily reached through email, phone or Skype throughout the day.

Once the details are agreed upon, the project will move to a team of researchers and writers also guided by the project manager. The white paper can also be completed by one dedicated writer if you prefer. From this point, you can be as involved or uninvolved with the writing process as you'd like. We'll share rough drafts with you before the project is finalized to ensure that the white paper is headed in the right direction.

Our editorial process is one of the many ways Content Customs stands out from other content writing services. After the white paper has been written, it will undergo a thorough check by one of our professional editors. This will ensure that the text is free of errors and that it closely follows your guidelines. Our editors also double-check that all information in the white paper is correctly cited and backed up by reputable sources.

The white paper is then sent to our design team where the text is given an elegant, professional design and layout structure. Once complete, the finished product will be sent to you as a PDF (or any other format you desire), where you can then give it a final check and ensure that you're receiving the kind of exemplary content that we promise.

Let Us Provide You With Your Unique White Paper Today!

You can discuss the details of your white paper with a project manager immediately. The first draft of your high quality, unique white paper will be delivered within the timeframe you've agreed upon with your project manager. The finished product will be a well-designed, thoroughly researched and highly convincing document that exceeds your expectations. Contact us to learn how a white paper can make your business more profitable.

Rates for our white paper writing services begin at $0.49 per word.