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How Can You Boost Your Conversion Rate?

boost conversion rate

Overall traffic means nothing with a low conversion rate. That's the one key number your analytics need to revolve around. It may mean slightly different things depending on your business model. Traditionally, the conversion rate refers to how many people come to your site and then make a purchase. In today's world, it starts with product purchases or service purchases, but conversions may also include completing forms, providing contact information, interacting with your website on a meaningful level, sharing information on social media or downloading content, whether that content is free or sold as a product itself.

Why Are They So Important?

Regardless, these conversions either bring in sales instantly or they help move visitors from casual traffic into people who have taken the first step toward making a purchase. They're working their way through the buying process. That's the real value that you get from your increased traffic numbers and site exposure. So, how do you increase your conversion rate and make sure your traffic is truly valuable to your business?

Understand the Value of a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action may appear to be the easiest way to push for a conversion by directly influencing the user, and there is value there. You must give users the opportunity to take that next step in a clear and concise way. If they're on the fence at all, simply being presented with the opportunity can sway their decision. However, overly aggressive call-to-actions can push some users away. You need to know how to fit them into your content organically. Identify your opportunities and optimize them in a way that does not detract from the content itself.

Cater to Your Traffic

The key to a conversion or any sale lies in understanding your audience, and that means knowing where your traffic comes from. These days, more and more of it comes from mobile devices. You must optimize your site for mobile users. You have to cater to your traffic. As soon as a site feels slightly difficult to use, a modern audience is going to shift focus and look for another source. Building a site that works seamlessly for each user increases the time users spend on your site and thus increases the odds of a conversion.

Remember That Less Is More

Simplicity is important. Your site needs to make the opportunity for a conversion clear and easy to understand. This means cutting back on distractions. Both your layout and your content should naturally guide the user to that end goal without a lot of extra noise. Remember that many users, especially mobile users, are already multitasking when they visit your site. Too much distraction or even the slightest complication in getting to a conversion can be enough to break the deal.

Focus on Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

While content does need to sell a product, you want to do it in a straightforward manner that feels trustworthy to readers. Don't oversell. Offer clear descriptions and provide as much valuable information as you can in as little text as possible. The entire time, make sure your unique value proposition (UVP) is the focal point of the copy. Your business offers the customer something that will be impossible to find anywhere else. That's what makes you stand apart and that's what drives sales: Show the customer in clear terms why they need to choose you over the competition, and then there's really no competition at all.

Optimizing Your Site for Conversions

Are you interested in learning how to optimize your content to increase your conversion rate? It's an intricate balance between promoting sales and simply guiding the user. Your entire site must be designed with conversions in mind. When you start with this end goal, you can create a site that not only ranks well and draws high traffic numbers, but that engages potential customers and helps them take that next step.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 29th November, 2018 by Jonathan Schlosser

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