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4 Steps to Merging your Content and Design Like a Pro

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Successful website design and development requires a significant amount of knowledge and creativity. In addition, one of the most important aspects of the web design process is the synchronization of your content and design.

Successfully merging the two will result in a balance between content and design that incorporates aesthetically appealing aspects of design that don't distract from your content. In my experience, the following 4 steps to merging your content and design like a pro are tantamount to successful web design.

Step 1: Design Around Your Content

In nearly every case, your website's traffic will be concerned primarily with your content. If you're designing a business website, what ultimately makes or breaks sales is the quality and accessibility of your content. Design is undoubtedly important. Having poor or little design will turn customers away from your site, however, good design is nothing without solid content.

Make sure your content is visible and clear. Don't change the fonts of your articles or the background color to something that makes your writing less legible. Your design should never compete for the attention of your viewers, but complement it to increase aesthetic appeal.

Step 2: Design Appropriate to Your Content

One of the best ways to create harmony between your design and your content is to design with your content in mind. In other words, create designs that complement your content. For example, if your content consists of information about water, create water themed designs.

By creating complementary designs, you can help ensure that your design doesn't compete with your content. Remember, don't overdo your designs. You don't want to distract your readers' attention from your content.

Step 3: Never Sacrifice Professionalism

No aspect of web design is more important than professionalism. As such, the most important aspect of merging your content with your design is ensuring you maintain a high level of professionalism. This includes making sure to eliminate dead links, repetitive information and general signs of poor work.

Make your content look seamless with your design. You might have a brilliant design, but if you then put in content haphazardly, your site's reputation will be shot.

Step 4: Consider Hiring a Professional

Unless you have a significant amount of training and experience in web design, chances are you'll struggle to create a website with well merged content and design on your own. If you fall within this category, consider hiring a professional company to design your website for you. Companies of this nature that are reputable will work with you every step of the way to ensure the site is created exactly to your specifications.

There are even companies who have professional content writers on staff who will write your content for you in an excellent and professional manner. This method of web design might even save you money in the long run because companies with well designed websites tend to make more money.

Hopefully, these 4 steps to merging your content and design like a pro will give you some insight into process of web design. By using your design to complement, and not compete with, your content, by implementing a high level of professionalism and by working with a professional web design company, you can easily create a high quality website that will attract thousands of viewers.

Mike Quayle

Posted on 6th May, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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