The One Shocking Way Facebook is Stopping Click-bait Will Make You Cry


Ok, you definitely won’t cry – in fact, you might even rejoice. In a blog post published by the Facebook Newsroom earlier this week, the social giant announced that it would be cracking down on click-bait headlines similar to the one above. The decision could change the writing landscape for companies and writers that rely on Facebook traffic.

Click-bait is often described as content posted on social media that uses interest-piquing headlines but provides little information about the article itself. Instead, users must click away to see content that only occasionally delivers on its headlines’ lofty promises.
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Bing Maps Expands Streetside, 3D Features

bing maps

In an apparent attempt to compete with the reigning web map service, Google Maps, Microsoft’s Bing has recently added some new features. The new options will allow users to preview certain landmarks, buildings and streets in over 100 U.S. cities. These include the Gateway Arch, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Las Vegas strip. Known as Streetside, the feature directly compete’s with Google’s Street View tours.

Bing Maps is also now competing with Google Earth by offering aerial images of specific locations across 150 countries.
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Google Accounts for Children Could Be On Their Way

google accounts for children

In order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter typically do not allow children less than 13 years of age to use their services without parental consent. One of the problems with the system, however, is that it’s relatively easy to fake your age when signing up for an account. Also, it’s no secret that parents have been increasingly creating accounts for their kids.

These factors have now led to reports that the search giant is actually developing parent-controlled Google accounts for children.
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Google Buys Jetpac in Latest String of Acquisitions


It’s common knowledge that Google has been purchasing startup companies of all types for years. According to this list, Google acquired 18 companies in 2013, and it’s bought well over 20 businesses so far this year. The latest Google Acquisition is a unique travel app known as Jetpac.

The Jetpac website doesn’t go into any detail about Google’s plans, but it’s thought that Jetpac’s technology could be used to enhance Google Maps and Google+. Jetpac will be pulled from the App Store soon, and support for the app will end on September 15.
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Twitter Launches New Ad Service: Promoted Video

twitter promoted video

According to a new post on Twitter’s blog, your Twitter stream may soon start looking a lot more like your Facebook news feed. The popular social media platform announced yesterday that they will be debuting a new ad service known as Promoted Video, which will allow brands, publishers and some verified users to share video ads directly on Twitter’s platform.

While promoted video is currently only available to select publishers, some believe that it will lead to all users eventually being able to use native video on Twitter.
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