Skyscraper Content: Invest Some Time In Being the Best

skyscraper content

There are seemingly endless ways to make your content stand out when it comes to content marketing. Maybe you can provide a unique perspective or voice that others in your industry don’t have. Maybe your content will get attention because it’s fun and entertaining.

The most basic possibility, however, is that people will link and share your content because it’s the best source for a certain topic. This is where content marketers are using the term “skyscraper content.” While the concept is extremely broad, it could be hugely beneficial for gaining exposure and establishing yourself as an authority.
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Penguin 3.0 Is Here, but the Disavow Tool Remains Mysterious

disavow tool

It’s that time again. Google’s Penguin 3.0 update has officially rolled out after about a year of silence, and the reactions so far have been mixed. Webmasters and SEOs will likely be doing one of three things as the update takes effect: enjoying a surge in rankings due to a clean link profile, seeing no change in traffic, or scrambling to fix low-quality links.

Fixing spammy links involves either contacting the webmasters that are linking to you or using Google’s disavow tool. Unfortunately, despite much discussion, Google has failed to make it clear when people should actually disavow links.
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A Spoonful of Sugar: Why Entertaining Content Is Great For Any Brand

entertaining content

Between programs like The Daily Show and comics sites like The Oatmeal, we’ve been seeing it for years: people love to get a spoonful of humor while learning about important or otherwise “dry” topics. It’s no different with content intended to drive sales.

Content marketers know that entertaining content can be incredibly effective for getting social shares and directing traffic to your site. Sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy have even made an entire business out of creating sharable, entertaining content. But is it really right for your business? What strategies work the best?
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DuckDuckGo and Ello: Will Privacy Concerns Topple the Establishment?

duckduckgo and ello

Apple’s iPhone 6 recently broke sales records, with over 10 million units being sold in a matter of days. This was a big win for Apple, but it’s also a huge opportunity for a much lesser-known company: DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that Apple is now allowing users to easily set as their default search tool in iOS 8.

Sometimes described as the “anti-Google,” DuckDuckGo has gained traction because it claims to never track user information. Its rise mirrors that of Ello, similarly known as the “anti-Facebook.” Will privacy be the issue that brings Google and Facebook to their knees?
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Where’s the Debate Over Reddit’s Inclusion In Google News?

google news

Forget everything you know about Google for a second and just ask yourself this: what is Google’s core purpose when it comes to search? Many would agree that, at its most basic level, Google’s job is simply to help users find information that is most relevant to their queries.

But pages that Google lists as “news” sources should be more authoritative than typical search results, right? Even Google’s own guidelines for getting listed in Google News are pretty lofty. However, with the recent inclusion of sites like Reddit and Twitter, it looks like the search giant might be contradicting itself.
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